Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today Chris and I went to visit our close friends John & Sarah. They just had a baby girl, Katie about 2 1.2 weeks ago. It was so fun to play with her and realize that in less than 5 months we will have our own. CRAZY. Chris held a baby for the first time today that he can remember. He always passed the chance up because he was scared of crushing babies with his hands because he's so huge. So I brought my good camera over to take some infant pictures of her for practice. I needed to build my portfolio and what a perfect chance. She's so easy to photograph.Chris & John using the nose sucker. Ahhh they are going to be so funny when both babies are here.

I love this one, it's one of my favorite photos of the day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Survey

I got this from a friends site and enjoyed reading hers so I thought I would do it too.

About the mommy!
Name: Ashley
Age: 25
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
First child?: yes

About the daddy!
Name: Chris
Age: 25
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
First child?: yes

Finding out!!
What day did you find out?: 12/30/08
How did you feel when you found out?: Excited & anxious because Chris was still sleeping
Who was with you?: No one, Chris was in the bedroom
Who was the first person you told?: Trisha to tell her she was going to Vegas with us (to be the nanny in Oct) My family had to wait until I figured out a neat way to tell them since they are all in Ohio. Chris found out when he woke up. I gave him the movie "Knocked Up" with our due date written on there. I wrapped it in Xmas paper and told him I felt bad I didnt get him a Xmas present so I came across one at target and had to get it. You should have seen his face when he opened it!
How did they react?: Soooo excited! My mom kept saying "Really! really!" OMG!
How did the daddy react?: Shocked that it was a successful honeymoon :)

Telling the grandparents!
How did your parents react?: Alll sooo excited! And shocked it was so soon after the wedding!
How did his parents react?: How any gradparents would react! Freaking excited!
Are they helping with baby names?: My mom likes to give us ideas for boy names since were stuck
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: No, were waiting to see what team we are on, team pink or blue. Mom REALLY wanted to buy this anchor dress the otherday but I wouldn't let her because I didn;t want to jinx it. We will all go crazy when we find out what the lil booger is.
How often do they call to check on you?: At least every other day

About the pregnancy!
When was your first appointment?: Feb 3rd
When is your due date?: Sept 13th
How far along are you?: 15ish weeks (depends on what due date you go by)
Pre-pregnancy weight?: ha. more like "Pre-cruise weight"
Weight now?: Enough, Ive gained 12 since my final dress fitting _ I think theres some cruise buffet lbs still floating there
Have you had any ultrasounds?: 3 with the Doctor, 3 playing with the u/s machine at work.
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yup, and its strong
What was the heartbeat?: 160's

Sex of the baby!
Are you finding out the sex or will you wait until birth?: YES! Only 21 more days until we find out!
What do you want?: "Healthy Baby...girl" I want to go shopping for clothes! Plus I liked being the oldest as a girl.
What does the daddy want?: "Healthy Baby...boy" He claims the oldest should be a boy like him. LOL
What do you think you are having?: We both think girl. I used to think boy in the very begining, but I have changed my mind since the patient at work told me differently, lol
Have you had your big ultrasound yet?: Nope, April 14th. We were going to do it April 6th but u/s tech said to wait one more week, so we're having it the week we leave onour Honeymoon. Yay!
If so, what are you having?: No clue yet :)
Are you & daddy happy with what you are having?: we will be happy either way

About the birth!
Do you know what you are taking with you?: Chris & my camera
Who is going to be with you?: Chris, and he *might* just have to go get my mom in the middle of it, lol
Are you going to videotape it?: Hell NO! No cameras AT ALL during active labor!
Natural or medicated?: epidural - have you seen how tall Chris is? 6'7! Im ordering that thing from the car!
Do you think you will need a c-section?: Hope not, I cant do the recovery time, we have Noelles wedding shortly after our due date
Will you cry with you hold your baby for the first time?: Im normally not emotional, but this pregnancy has proved me WRONG!
Do you think the daddy will cry?: maybe...
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her?: awwwwwwwwwww!
Are you scared about the labor?: not really, my mom did it 4 times with no issues. Hopefully I have her genes. Im only afraid of the size of this kid. Chris was 24inches and 10lbs when he was born. His poor mother was 100lbs when she got pregnant. Yikes.

Do you have a name picked out?: Girls yes, Boys...dont go there.
Girl names...: Linley Catherine or Lillian (Lillie) (middle name undecided)
Boy names...: Ahhh, Nolan, Christopher, Charlie, Trey, Andrew....the list goes on and on and on...and we dont agree on ANY! No more effort will go into this until we know if its a boy.
Is your baby going to be named after someone?: Linley Catherine is my sisters middle names. (Margaret Linley & Molly Catherine)

Other random questions!!
Have you felt the baby move?: Not yet
What race(s) will your baby be? From you and daddy?: White...with a little lebonese. LOL
What was your first symptom?: bloating, BAD
Will your baby have godparents?: Of course!
What is the baby's room theme?: Girl, no theme...(Im not a fan of the girl themes, I like shabby chic) & Boy... Nautical or firetrucks.
What was the first thing you bought for the baby?: Nothing yet.
Will you cloth diaper?: No
BFing or formula?: I was PRO Formula but now am CONSIDERING BFing...we'll see.
What is your favorite pregnancy book?: none, they make you look too much into things.
What do you look forward to doing again once you are no longer pregnant?: Wine Dates at home with Chris! (and hopefully sleeping baby)
What physical features do you hope the baby will get from daddy?: his smile & eyelashes
What physical features do you hope the baby will get from you?: Hair and ears, lol
Is he ready to be a daddy?: hes pretty excited!
Are you ready to be a mommy?: Have been for years, I couldnt wait to get the wedding over with! This has been planned for over a year, and it worked like a charm:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

14 1/2 week *bump* Pic

So I took another picture since everyone at work was commenting on my growing belly. So I guess its starting to look more like baby than a spare tire. FINALLY!
Here to the dorky pics!
((edit))Ya know... I just looked back at the last belly pics I posted...they look identical, But I promise, it sure is bigger in person.

Nothing really new going on with baby. The Drs called to say the NT scan was negative so that's good news. We are just PATIENTLY waiting for April 14th to find out if Baby D is a boy or girl.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another ultrasound

I went to the f/u ultrasound this morning to try to get all the measurements again. It worked! I was in there for about 30 minutes as she tried to get the baby to lay on its back. The baby wanted to stay curled in a ball. She showed me the spine and said its "so pretty' so I take it that's a good thing. She also remeasured and the baby is right on target to where it should be.

Anyways she talked me into waiting one more week for the ultrasound which is fine with me. She knows best, right? So the big day is now April 14th!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New u/s pics!
We had another monthly appointment this morning along with the NT scan. Baby is looking good, we saw "it" move all around and scratch the face. The heartbeat was 164 and going strong. The Dr said the baby is measuring small but its probably due to position, they also we unable to get the scan result because of babies I go back Wed for another u/s.

Also, APRIL 6th is our BIG ULTRASOUND, as long as baby cooperates! ((Crossing fingers))

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Belly Pic

Here's another... the spare tire is still morphing into a bump. It will be nice when this darn bump arrives so I can stop walking around the store with muffin top.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but Chris can't seem to handle my Xsi and take a clear pic.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mom Rocks!

She got me a bunch of maternity clothes by Ann Taylor Loft that she found at a discount store up in Ohio. I guess she got 5 tops and a pair of shorts all for $42 bucks. Cant go wrong there! I can't wait to get them since I already LOVE Ann Taylor Loft pre-pregnancy. Woot woot!
Thanks Mom!