Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toddler 1, Mom 0 (a big fat zero)

I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I agreed to go get a mani/pedi today with CC in tow.

I had convinced myself that with the aid of coloring books, crayons, iPad, flash cards, trains he diligently picked out himself and good ole McDonalds Happy Meak that he would be content for an hour.


Take a deep breath...

Hahahaha hahahaha
I'm sure the women in the salon mumbled under their breath when I walked in with the stroller and claimed we had an appointment.

Granted he started to prove me wrong. For a nanosecond, I thought- "crap, this could be life changing"

Again, hahahaha hahahaha!

It started with me falling out of my pedi chair trying to set up the iPad which in turn spilled my mimosa all over the floor.

Ok fine. No big deal.

CC is content for awhile after that.
Well of course he was content... he was going all Picaso drawing with crayon all over the iPad.

10 min later, a bag of Goldfish was thrown like a bag of rice at a wedding. Poor nail techs acted like it was no big deal as they got out the freaking shop vac like it was a daily occurance. Thank god for their patience today.

2 hours later. Mani/pedi complete and a nice tip we were out the door. Sure, he could have been way worse- but it was enough to NEVER do that again.

Oh! And let it be that my damn nails were ruined by time I got home. That's what I get by trying to save time and not get shellac.

So nap time was non existent after missing the Golden Hour, so my plans for an early dinner and bed start brewing the second I got home. Chris was on his way out the door to work while I sat on the couch with a Costco sized bag of white Cheddar Pirates Booty (OMG amazing stuff)

After dinner I realize how much crumbs there were and ask CC to help me sweep it up. But every time I would finally sweep it into a pile, CC would pile through with his mini broom.

Fine. Ill get the vacuum and beat you to the punch you little devil you.

The vacuum didn't seem to be working, no matter what I did, it seemed to me multiplying.
Of course .

That was because I realized CC created a hole in his diaper and the crumbs were actually the beads from the absorbent stuff.

Diaper off in an attempt to cease the white ball mess. In the 2 seconds it took me to toss it out, CC was over in the corner peeing on the floor.

Did I mention how much of a pain in the ass it is to get that stuff to sweep or vacuum??!

But now it's 7:30pm- were showered and pajamas and laying in bed. I should grab a beer but laying down and passing out seems so much more appealing right now.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Way back when in 2012: a pictorial update

Siiiigh. So wondering what's been going on? Well here we go-

CC met his main mouse Mickey. Yea yea, this was waaaay back in October and since then have been back almost every month. Living in Florida has it's perks and I follow this guy's blog at and follow the days he says to go. 

Even sent off a Mickey balloon on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day since we wouldn't be lighting a candle as we do every year.

Then there was Halloween. Where I attempted to be a cool Mom and MAKE his costume. Dont let the costume fool you, I don't sew- I hem with hot glue. Hey it works.

I went on a vacation. Yup, I left Chris and CC behind and went on a cruise with my mom. Shocker, a cruise right? I took a week of no work, tons of sleep and no guilt drinking and it was AMAZE-BALLS!
 Good times!

And I got to wear sparkles and make-up. Cheers!
P.S. Doesn't my Mom look awesome!

OH! Then out of nowhere- we found ourselves a TWO year old- a 36lb, energetic and full of personality little two year old. We spent the day up in Orlando having breakfast with Mickey and celebrated with a birthday party over the weekend with close family and friends. 

And then, he grew up and got his Driver's License. No lie. And the kid is a pimp, already picking up the ladies.

Christmas came and went but not before sending out this classic Christmas card. My mom said,

 "You're really not going to send out a picture of him picking his nose are you?"

Yes. Yes I am. Come on, I'm a freaking respiratory therapist. I pick those suckers for a living.

No lie. He did that all by himself. I a just the crazy Mom with the camera who got the moment. THANK GOD! 

OH! We added an addition to the family. Yea, that was back in October. His name is Knox and he is awesome. Chris will deny his "permission" he granted me when I called from the breeders begging for the dog. 

"Do what you think is right"

That's what he told me. I hung up, turned to the breeder and asked her who to write the check out to. The breeder then commented on how that was the quickest and most efficient she ever heard a significant other get a "yes" out of the other half.

Well, it wasn't a "yes" per-say, but in my book it was.
So here he is. Back when he was little. REAL Little.

Every little boy needs a dog. At least in my book.

Back to chronological order of events here.

Went on another cruise. CC's 4th cruise. More to come on cruising with a toddler in a later post. 

And here we are now. That's like 1/8 of what we have been up to. So much more but what it really comes down to is waking up, shuffling day to day between work, gym, chasing toddler, attempting to be a house wife. HAHAHAHAA. I suck at it. My brain is like a freaking circus 99.9% of the time.

I'm good. Hired a cleaning lady, house never looks it but hey at least my toilets are clean. Thankfully CC loves chicken nuggets and mac n cheese because those are easy to make and as long as I keep up on my ADD meds...

We are GOLDEN!

Speaking of Golden's-
Here's a new picture of the sweet boy Knox