Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crib & Name Talk

The crib I fell in LOVE with... is 650 some dollars! I would NEVER spend that much or let anybody else in that matter. My mom came across one for 349 that is almost the same, BUT... of course the color we want is sold out anywhere the crib is sold. (Go Figure)

So.... Im on a hunt to find a crib similar to my dream crib. We're in no hurry because we want the nursery to be a gradual thing- so YES, we have time, but I can't help but look and try to find awesome deals.

Baby is still "John Doe Dowaliby" as we call him, lol. He's nameless and will most likely remain nameless until he is born since mom and dad DO.NOT.AGREE on names at all. Any suggestions? Ill give you the names he refuses to let me name him...
Nolan James
(Im in LOVE with this name- just as my whole family, but he HATES it)
Charlie (He refuses to let me name him this b/c my brothers anme is already Charlie- thanks Mom)
Zachary James (He claims Zachary remind him of Zach from Saved by the Bell)
Ethan James (He shot that down real fast)
I could go on and on and on......

His favorite names are:
Micheal (I have 2 uncles and a cousin named Micheal... so NO! He wants to call his kid Mikey EWW!)
Dalton (It's okay, it's actually his police sargents last name so it might be kinda weird. Im not attached to the name but its "okay")

The names we semi agree on:
Christopher Joseph Dowaliby III and calling him Trey (This is pretty much our back up plan, He always wanted a III, Im not a huge fan of having a III but naming him Trey is better.) Trey is a common name for 3rd child in generations that's named as a III.

Jack (We both like this name but not in love with it)

So feel free to give suggestions, we both are not in love with trendy common names such as Holden, Carter, Conner, Aiden type names. They are all WAY too popular right now and I had a popular name growing up and hated it. (P.S, I have NOTHING agaisnt these names)

We like classic, solid names more so in top 100-200 lists. If this boy turns out to be anything like his father, tall and huge with size 18 foot, he can't have a wussy or trendy name. It.Just.Wont.Fit.

Monday, April 27, 2009

20 Weeks!

Half way there!
How far along? 20 weeks
Maternity clothes? Mostly but I can still get away with some pre pregnancy clothes
Stretch marks? Not yet, thankfully

Sleep: If I didnt wake up to pee every hour I would be sleeping great!
Best moment this week: Feeling him kick from the outside
Movement: Hes a kicker, still alot of flutters though.
Food cravings: Starbucks White Mocha Lattes and Fraps (Skinny & Decaf) Thanks Mag...I blame YOU!
Gender: It's a BOY!
Labor Signs: Defintely NO

Belly Button in or out? Still in
What I miss: Being able to take whatever cold medicine I would take before I was pregnant

What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery painted this weekend and new carpet next Monday!
Weekly Wisdom: Drink lots of water!

We are half way there!

P.S. I bought his bedding today, I spent waaaay more than I ever planned to, but Chris doesn't need to know that, wink wink. I HAD to have this bedding!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ultrasound Video

I finally figured out a way to post this video from our Big Ultrasound that was back on 4/14. The u/s tech gave us a DVD of the entire thing but I couldn't get it to download for the life of me. So I just took a video with my camera and that seemed to work. She was doing a bunch of measurements during the u/s so sometimes its hard to figure out what is what.

You know....one thing that sucks about being pregnant....you can't take some of the normal cold medicines if you are sick. I have one REALLY bad cold right now and the only thing that seems to touch it is Benedryl (out of the list of meds Im allowed to take) but I cant take that at work because Ill fall alseep. So I feel like I am suffering, it sucks. Usually I would be high on all sorts of cold medicines if I wasn't housing the little man. Ahhhhh, I know, I know....it could be worse.

The Drs office called to give results of the blod work they drew last week. Its the blood work that she decided to get to see if it gave any insight on why he is a tiny baby... she lab nurse said the titers were negative! Yay! Im not sure if thats all they drew but Ill find out more in a week and a half when we go back.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Working on the Nursery

Val started on doing the decor stuff for the nursery. Here she is painting the navigator wheel for me.

So Chris started painting today...

These are the 2 colors we have to decide on. Im pretty sure it will be the one on the Left. Its called Harbour, how appropriate for the theme of the nursery.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We're Home!

As most of you know, we took a long weekend trip to Washington DC and called it a late belated honeymoon/babymoon. We had been wanting to go to DC for sometime now and my mom ended up getting us some plane tickets and wham bam, you have a honeymoon. We had an absolute blast minus all the walking... WE.DID.SO.MUCH.WALKING! It hurt so bad to wake up in the middle of the night and just walk to the bathroom to go to the bathroom.

I have to say the coolest part of the whole weekend was when we found out you could get tickets for the annual White House Garden Tour. We found out they only do the tour 4 days out of every year, 2 days in April and 2 days in October and they don't announce the dates until that weekend they do it. We got lucky. We accidentally came across the tickets and we took advantage of them. We just thought the tickets were to visit some garden, little did we know it was a self guided tour though the GROUNDS of the entire white House. I swear, we were like 10 steps away from the front door of the White House. Crazy!

Oh and other baby news....
I was laying in bed this morning at the hotel and admiring how hard my belly is starting to get and as I was touching it, KICK! He kicked me! I felt it on the outside! I have been feeling him roll around on the inside but this was an actual kick! Chris was amazed but of course he didn't do it again for Chris to feel.

Oh and we still don't have a name.... We decided not to discuss it much while on our mini vacation...

Here's some pics from the White House...

(yes Im wearing the same outfit form the other day in my bump picture, but it's one of the few shirts I fit into since Im in the inbetween phase.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bump Pic & Nursery

Well we have picked out our nursery theme, it's going to be nautical & blue. We were able to get our hands on the actual nautical chart that they used for our wedding cruise sailing. The entire week is plotted out and the captain signed it with his crew. So we are going to get that framed and we are going to hang that in the room. I found a nursery that we plan on copying the look so I'm really excited. I went and bought some paint today to test out the color.

We have plans on doing the wainscotting (white board) and getting the same color crib and dresser. I can't wait!
This is the bedding we plan on getting from Baby Gap! It's perfect and simple and not too cheesy.

As for the bathroom that is attached to the nursery, I want to to a simple Eric Carle theme. I LOVE the Hungry Catapiller book! I plan on buying the artwork and hanging it in the bathroom. Its going to look awesome!

Bump Picture

Its growing slowly but surely
18 1/2 weeks

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its a BOY!

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!
We were all soooooo wrong! And I swear 80% of everyone thought it was a girl!
So a little about our appointment,
The ultrasound was first and she did all the measurements and kept an eye out for the goods but the baby was turned funky. We thought we got a money shot and thought we saw the penis but wasn't sure. So she said to go ahead and go to see the Dr and after wards she would sneak me back in to try again. The ultrasound tech then got my hopes up by saying that the girls clitoris and labia can be so enlarged that it can mimic a penis sometimes. This is usually caused when the mother has raging hormones (like I do) So I still had some girl hope. Yes I really wanted a girl but I'm a girly girl and I was the oldest so it was just what I imagined. Plus it didn't help I was convinced it was a girl from all those stupid things and dreams and every ones predictions.

We then went to see the Dr who went over the results of the anatomy scan. She said that the baby was measuring smaller than usual. So I wasn't too concerned until she spit out the 8th percentile. 8th PERCENTILE?!? She said that they typically worry when the percentile is under 10. (Oh great) She went on to explain that it COULD be the baby's position or placenta attachment (??) but she still wanted to draw some labs and have them sent off to test for some viral thing and other stuff that could be causing it. Then I will come back in 3 weeks and get another ultrasound. She said maybe the baby was curled up or the baby will have a growth spurt in the next 3 weeks. She also mentioned that she isn't TOO concerned since our NT scan (down syndrome & Tris 18) was negative and all the other measurements look good.
She said she wasn't too concerned for major chromosomal abnormalities because I would have miscarried already and other measurements would be off too. But she said I also have the option to go to Fetal Maternal Medicine now or wait after we see what the results show in 3 weeks and HOPEFULLY baby was in a funky position or HE had a growth spurt. They also couldn't get a good scan of the heart due to size I guess, so they will do that then too.

THEN, she went on to say my amniotic fluids are hovering borderline low, UGH...anything else? I guess my number is a 9? I don't know so that worries me too.

Then we ran back to the u/s tech where she scanned him and confirmed BOY. We were both really surprised but pretty excited!

So after this, I had to get all my blood drawn for the tests they are running and I will get those results back at the appointment on May 5th. I did get emotional while getting my blood drawn because I couldn't stop thinking why in the heck our baby would be so small when it comes from genes it does...Chris is 6'7", remember?

So by time I left I was a mess but trying to hide it. The gender reveal would have been easier if they said BOY, oh and its measuring perfectly healthy and such. BUT they didn't, but that's okay.

So Aunt Mary googled gestation size percentile and it she said it wasn't as alarming as it sounded. She said the 8th percentile is known to have 5-6lb babies and sometime are prone to c-sections. So we will see. That made me feel a little better I guess. I wouldn't have googled it since the Dr and I agreed it's a bad idea.

I was also talking to the Dr about how I was SUPPOSE to transfer to start working as a NICU therapist this year. But since getting pregnant I decided to put it off until 2010. She said she couldnt agree more that it was best to wait. So I am so glad I made that decision.

Then we had to go shopping with (Trisha (SIL) & Elaine (MIL), and I was in a emotional mood when I should have been in an exciting mood but with the recent news I was just worried. Plus I don't find shopping for boys as much fun as looking at all those cute sun dresses and bikinis and pink. So I found some cute nautical and sailor onesies and it cheered me up. And Chris found a couple fire outfit ones so he was pretty excited! I cant wait to start dressing him up in the plaid shorts and collar shirts with boat shoes! AGH! So freaking HANDSOME!

So now the fun begins...picking names, nursery decor and fun outfits! Ill be posting soon to show our nursery idea, Im SUPER SUPER excited about!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Mine isn't so happy, since it's my weekend to work. So I came home (Chris is already at work), Im ready for bed and waking up to do it all over again. Maybe the hospital cafeteria will have something good for Easter dinner, DOUBT IT.

2 more days until we find out what Baby D is. It's driving us both insane! Im excited since it's Trish's birthday and we invited her along to the ultrasound. She is convinced it's a girl since its on her birthday because she wants a niece soooo bad. So she thinks it was all meant to be. We will see!

Afterwards we have plans on going out to lunch to celebrate and Im sure we will all go shopping. I can't freaking wait!

On another random note... I wonder is Subway if closed on Easter? Hmmmm, with my luck Im sure it is, who in the heck would want to eat a Subway BLT for Easter dinner?..... ME! Ya ya, I had one lastnight before work too! YUM! Im seriously addicted, I could eat them every day and be perfectly content.

Alright, Im off to bed. Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So if you know Chris well, you know he's 6'7" tall and wears size 18 shoe! So if he's that big now, imagine him as a baby! He was almost 10lbs and 24 inches long! YES! That's right! So his mom gave me some pictures fro when he was a baby and one of them is his First Christmas. His first x-mas he was only 2.5 months old, and my first x-mas I was 6 months. Take a look at the size comparison!

(6 months old)

Drum Roll.... Heres Chris!

(2.5 months old)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

17 week bump

First night out wearing all maternity. Fun fun!

10 more days until we find out what the lil booger is. I feel like these last 2 weeks are taking FOREVER! I put a poll at the top of the page to vote what you think we are having.

Update Survey

How far along? 17 weeks tomorrow if you go by my Dr's due date.
Maternity clothes? Still inbetween, but slowly moving into them for comfort.
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: What sleep? I toss and turn constantly and wake up to go to the bathroom.
Best moment this week: Feeling the first movements
Movement: Yup, twice
Food cravings: Subway BLT's YUMMMMM!
Gender: 10 more days until we know!!!! I want to go shopping!!!
Labor Signs: Defintely NO
Belly Button in or out? Still in
What I miss: Wine Dates with Chris & good sleep
What I am looking forward to: April 14th 9am!
Weekly Wisdom: Drink lots of water
Milestones: Again, feeling the baby.

Friday, April 3, 2009

String Test says GIRL

The trauma surgeon at my work is known around here for predicting genders. She has 100% accuracy (insane I know). She said the only time she was wrong was when she did it on herself. Anyways she did mine tonight and it said girl! She was correct a few weeks ago with my coworker.

The test consists of trying a string to a pencil, and putting it over your left radial artery. Depending on which way it swings, determines if it is boy or girl. (Obviously a 50% chance, but it's still fun to wonder)

So thats 2 people that say girl (Remember the crazy patient who new I was pregnant with out me telling her)

Guess I have to wait 12 more days to find out.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jabs, Pokes, & Rolls

So Im pretty sure I felt the baby moving around in there! I was standing at work staring off in space when I felt a rubbing feeling. It was really weird, then it happend again. I shook it off and figured it was something else. Im used to geting mild cramps (Dr said its my uterus explanding...and I get them everyother day at least once) but this was a different feeling. But when it happened again I ran upstairs to the trusty ultrasound machine at work and took a peek... The baby was going CRAZY. It was probably the Crunch Bar I had just hate 30 minutes ago and the 3 $0.25 gumballs I already devoured. SUGAR!
**The ultrasound looked like this: Baby was laying like it was in a chaise lounge and it was jabbing its feet into the sides, like it was trying to get my attention...

It was insane...