Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brice Update

Thank you for all the prayers, messages and emails. You are all a blessing and I know both Trisha and Connel fully appreciate any thoughts and prayers sent their way.

Brice is still being cooled and I belive the warm up starts tomorrow. From there he will have a slew of diagnostic tests and it will set the path and goals for baby Brice. We are hoping and praying that the 72 hour cooling phase has reversed some damage or lessed the damage from the oxygen deprivation from the cord being compressed.He was extubated yesterday for a few hours but was reintubated shortly after to protect his airway due to an absent gag reflex. The staff was continuously suctioning him and they felt this was the best to protect him (and his RT aunt agrees). The nurses and Drs said he was heading in the right direction as of yesterday, showing some movement yet unknown if it is voluntary or reflexive but either way, he was moving. He is still on his EEG for seizure activity and had a few today. Please pray these stop.

Brice is a perfect little baby, he looks so perfect yet is so sick. Bless his little heart, I just want to fly out to Cali, pick him up and squeeze the crap out of him and give Trisha & Connel a huge hug. Trisha is on her way now to see Brice for the 2nd time in 2 days. He only saw him for 2 minutes before they took him to the University Hospital.

Again, thank you for all your prayers and I will try my best to keep you all updated even if its on my Ruby Family Facebook (linky on the right side of blog)


LauraJane said...

What a beautiful boy. I pray the seizures stop and he starts more movement shortly. Poor little guy. :(

Lisette said...

Aww little Brice, keeping him in my prayers.

Abigail said...

Will pray for the family & Brice for sure. He is absolutely beautiful!