Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ladybugs and Godmothers

CC is a pretty lucky little guy, he has Ashley as his Godmother. Ashley and I met long time ago on a cruise. We happened to sit next to each other at dinner, overheard their discussion about our hometown and ironically found out they lived in the same town. From that cruise on, we have had lifetime friends.

There was no question in mind when I thought about choosing CC's Godmother. Ashley was perfect, she has been the most supportive, understanding and SUPER helpful friend in the past 2 years when it came to my pregnancies. Oh, did I mention... she just also happens to be an OB nurse. BIG PLUS. She eased so many of my anxieties, and trust me... she listened to A LOT!

Anyways, from day one she promised to deliver CC. She missed Nolan's delivery since he was emergent and Ashley was out of town. This pregnancy, My OB and I both told her she isn't going ANYWHERE.

So at 10pm Dec 4th when I thought my water broke, she was the first person I called. Not Chris, not my OB... Ashley. Because I knew she would know. 2 hours later she drove back to work so she could catch CC from Dr Fish and be his OB nurse. God I love her.

This is hands down one of my FAVORITE pictures. You can see her smile through that mask, I just LOVE IT!

In August we found out that Ashley was pregnant. Talk about excitement, plans for a future football team started. (Ashley is the BIGGEST football fan I know) Come a few months later, we find out Ashley is having a girl and CC is going to have a God Sister!
Who he had one of his first pictures taken with... Little Miss "Bebe"And today, it was finally Ashley's turn to have her shower. It was perfect, girly and full of pinks and reds and Ashley is just glowing. I can't wait until the end of March to meet this little beauty.
Beautiful mama!

These girls (Ashley's best friends and now my friends) are the best OB nurses a girl could ask for. I swear I picked these girls brains throughout my pregnancies. And each one came to my rescue this pregnancy in some shape or form.
Ashley showing off her Godson

Getting a little practice before Little Bianca arrives and gives her parents a run for their money.
Love you Ashley, I can't think of a better person to be CC's Godmother. I'm a pretty lucky girl to have a friend like you! I'm so glad CC & I were able to be part of your big day, your next girl!


Andrea said...

We all need a friend like sweet and what a lifeline she has been to you.

TanaLee Davis said...

This post made me cry for several reasons. The shower reminded me of my little TanaLee because of the ladybug on top of the diaper cake?, I got that for TanaLee way back when; to help the nurses position her tubing. The cake...the cartoon ladybugs are exactly the same as my crib bedding for her. (I got them from babies r us almost a year ago.) So really this beautiful baby shower looked like you pulled from my head and brought it to life...bitter sweet. It looked amazing though. I also cried because you have this amazing friend and CC got a great team. Things look bright for your friendships with these ladies.

Abigail said...

How amazing that you found such an amazing friend on a cruise!! It is wonderful to have positive & helpful people in your life!