Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Yes...we're pregnant!

Baby D is definitely a honeymoon baby, hence the title of the blog, "Ruby Baby"

Chris and I are expecting, crazy isn't it. I decided to start a blog to keep a journal of the next 9 months at the advice of a close family friend. And like she said, our kids will probably think I'm a dork just like hers do now. I think it will be really neat to look back on this and share with our child.

So I am 6 weeks today. I guess I should update you all on the past 6 weeks :)

Dec14 Our Wedding, everything was so perfect! I wish we could go back on the cruise!!

Dec 30 Positive Pregnancy Test!!!
I woke up that morning with cramp like feeling and decided to take a test before I popped some Advil. Needless to say...POSITIVE! Since it was 4am I didn't wake Chris up.

I went back to sleep and woke up to make a trip to Target to buy the movie Knocked Up to give to him.

Back Story: we decided not to get each other Christmas presents this year since our wedding was so close to Christmas. BUT, I woke up Christmas Morning and "Santa" brought me my new camera bag for my new Canon Rebel Xsi. It was really sweet, but I felt awful since I didn't even get Chris a card. Bad wife, I know.

So when he woke up he asked me where I went since he heard the front door. I told him I just went to Target to look at more Xmas clearance stuff. He laughed and rolled his eyes. So then I tell him I found him a belated Christmas present. He looked confused. I told him it wasn't a HUGE gift but I HAD to get it for him when I saw it. So I throw him the wrapped DVD and said, Gee I bet you can't guess what that is. LOL

He opens it and I had written our delivery date on there of 9/9/09. I wish you could have seen his confused face for a second. His response, REALLY!?! He was pretty freaking excited!!

We planned on keeping it a secret until we saw the Dr, but the Dr doesn't want to see me until Feb 3. There was no way that we could keep this a secret from our parents until then. People at work found out real fast since you have to wear double lead in the ER during a trauma. It's pretty much a universal sign at work when a girl puts on double lead. So ya, word got out a lot sooner than later. We still plan on telling more friends and extended family after our first ultrasound.

Jan 2 Broke down and told parents. Since my parents are in Ohio I wanted to come up with a creative way to tell them. Maggie begged me to tell them before she had to go back to OSU and she was going back that weekend So I whipped up a slide show and sent it off. Maggie set it up on the computer and called me while they watched it. They thought I was showing them a wedding video slide show a friend had made for me.

So here we are, 33 more weeks to go.

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Sara said...

Congrats on the pregnancy. The video for your parents is so cute!!