Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nursery Inspiration

Our baby is oficially a T-Rex! Yup the dinosaur! Chris saw a developmental picture in his EMS book and since at 8 weeks they have short little arms he calls the baby a T-Rex. Nice babe.

I came across a few nursery pictures I liked on RateMySpace. So Im posting them here so I don't accidently erase them in my bookmarks. I only found girl ones that I like and Im sure Ill change my mind before the time comes anyways. I'm not a huge fan of themed nurserys for girls, I just like plain & simple. Weird I know :)


Sara said...

Love those nurserys!! Thanks for giving me another website to stalk :-)

With a smile....Dannie said...

love them :-)
and the t-rex comment reminds me of that movie "meet the robinsons" where the t-rex goes "but i have a big head...and little arms...." haha