Friday, February 20, 2009

Belly Pics

Well I can't believe I'm posting this, but since this is the week I officially can't suck my stomach in anymore, why not document it. Hahaha.
The idea popped in my head at work to take a picture, when again...I have to struggle to get my scrub pants back on. Ha!

11 Weeks

Something to compare it to
The day we found out I was pregnant!
3 weeks 5-6days...something like that
I was very bloated in the picture, plus we just got off the cruise a little over a week before this, so I KNOW its food baby still! LOL


Ashley said...

Aw! I love your monkey scrubs too :)

Katy said...

You're so cute! Love you!!!!

Sara said...

What a cute little baby bump!

Laura said...

you look GREAT, Mama!

cathy said...

You are adorable! All the fun is beginning!! :)