Friday, February 6, 2009

Name Game

So I figured I would throw some names out there and see what you guys think. Chris and I have always talked about what our future kids names would be so we already had an idea.

If its a Boy......
Chris always wanted a III. (UGH- I dont)
Christopher Joseph D the III ---Blah
Then we decided we would call him Trey, a common name for 3rd generation name kids. But now we are kinda over that name. Hes actually willing to consider other names!!! YAY! He wants Michael, I want Charlie. We both totally disagree with eachother so it will be neither. So we are open to boy names.... bring them on.

If its a girl....
Linley Catherine (named after my sisters middle names Margaret Linley & Molly Catherine)
Lillian (insert middle name here)

Shoot, we will probably change our minds again, but for now...these are it.


Nana Trina said...

Love the name Lillian but it might be another over popular name. Think about Lilly in lst grade with 5 others in the same class with same name.
Still pulling for Linley personal favorite haha!
How about Benjamin good sounding name with your last name.
Love Nana

cathy said...

Linley is beautiful. What is your middle name? What is your mom's name? Oh how fun! :)