Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sooo, here's a good story, semi creepy.

I am at work tonight and I go into my patients room to put on her sleeping machine for bed. Im standing by her bed getting the Bipap machine ready and this is our conversation between us.

Me: Hey Mattie, Im here to put your sleeping machine on
Patient: Okay, Im ready

(I am now standing there setting up machine)
She randomly asks...

Patient: When are you due?
Me: What?! How did you know I was pregnant?
Patient: Oh sorry, sorry (turns head as if she felt bad)
Me: No, really, I AM did you know? Do I look that chunky already?
Patient: No, I just know
Me: What...seriously...maybe I have a glow?
Patient: No its not a glow. Do you know what your having?
Me: Nooo, not yet
Patient: Do you want to know?
Me: Ummm sure, go ahead and tell me
Patient: Its a girl, and its healthy, everything is going well
Me: Haha, okay. Thats great, Im going to come find you if your right and tell you good job (laughing)
Patient: Alright darlin

((Runs out of room wondering what the hell just happened))

So I go to the nurses station to tell them the story and they didnt even know I was pregnant. They confirmed I dont look like Im showing yet. I know Im chunky/bloated right now, but WOW...that was really weird.

The nurse assistant then went on to tell me that the patient called her into the room because she was hearing little kid voices in her room. Crrraaaaazy!

Anywho, I had to share the story with you was kinda creepy.


Morgan said...

creeeepy! My money is on team pink tho!

Sara said...

That gave me goosebumps!! Can't wait to see if she's right about the sex of the baby.

cathy said...

That is sooo freakin weird! I have heard of people doing that, but never knew if it was just crazy talk! I guess we will see in about 2 months or so..

Shannon said...

That is so crazy weird! I can't wait to see if she was right.

Darleen said...

It is kinda creepy, but remember she has a 50 50 shot at being right:)