Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Houston we have a baby!

We went for our first ultrasound and appointment today and everything went perfect! We started with our ultrasound and saw the baby and heard it heartbeat. The heartbeat was a strong 169. So Chris' fear of twins was confirmed as a NO today. LOL
Our Dr said everything looks great! He moved my due date back 4 days for now. So the new due date is 9/13/09 which puts me at 8.5 weeks. He thinks I am going to have a pretty uneventful pregnancy (Thank God) and he said my possibility for miscarriage went from 20% down to 1% with that ultrasound and heart rate. GOOD NEWS!

The other good news...Im cleared to eat Subway!!!! I dont even have to heat it up! I'm cleared for diet coke in moderation!!

I scheduled my next appointment and ultrasound on my Moms birthday since she will be in Florida week. Im so happy she will get to see the baby in person vs pictures.


chickymel said...

That is so awesome! I am so happy for you guys!

Sara said...

Congrats!! Yay to a strong heartbeat!

lin liyi said...

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