Friday, September 3, 2010

Me... Normal?!

I've noticed I haven't blogged that much but I think it's because I am working a normal person shift with normal person hours and on my days off, I am awake enough to get things done.
Excuse enough? I think it's good for now.
But I am alive, I am chugging along and singing the tune...
"I think I can, I think I can"

This week has been amazing. I turned 23 weeks, 1 week away from viability. We had 2 different ultrasounds and a fetal echo. And ready for this?...
The MFM today sat there and said
"Everything looks perfect, good heart, happy baby and I'm looking good"

Holy Cow I am NORMAL! Well, as normal as a high risk pregnancy can be. He doesn't even want to see me for 4 weeks, that's a change from the original every 2 weeks. (I still see my OB & have an u/s every 2 weeks)

So here's the stats.
At 23 weeks this baby is
  • 1 lb 4 oz and 11.5 inches!!!!!!!!
  • He has HUGE feet (Vicki our u/s tech said they are skis not feet), we watched him yawn and bring his hands to his face, all in real time looking down at him. It was the coolest ultrasound moment we have had. Trust me, we have had A LOT of time banked in Vicki's office, even she thought it was an amazing capture.
  • He flipped sometime in the past week. Last weeks scan he was still breech and this weeks scan he flipped. I know it has no significance now, but it's exciting to feel his kicks higher up. The lower hits are now punches and the higher ones are definitely some strong kicks. It's amazing.
  • The placenta looks good, and by good I mean, no accreta (placenta growing through the c-section scar) yet and it isn't showing signs that it will be. This is a BLESSING!
  • NO uterine artery notching!! (had that showing by now last pregnancy)
  • His heartbeat was 150, and has a beautiful little heart
  • BP was 124/74
  • No protein.
  • We wont go into the weight issue, let's just say this baby loves SUGAR. Honestly, I have gained less than last time, so I really am healthy. And I'll gain whatever I have to if it means a HEALTHY outcome!
  • My first gestational diabetes screen was NORMAL. (Thank you sweet baby Jesus)
  • I look healthy, baby looks healthy, my Dr's are happy and I am getting excited things are working out.
And I guess I should mention, I gave in to my Mom and Valorie and will be having a BABY SHOWER.
OMG, am I seriously letting them do this?! I said I never would, it's something I am afraid to have and jinx the pregnancy. BUT, I don't want to look back and say, "Man, I wish I would have let myself experience that"
Plus Valorie is the PARTY planner of the decade and if it's anything like my Bachelorette Party, then be ready to be amazed by her brilliance people. Maybe I am taking a risk, but I will be 33 weeks when this shower is set for and I am praying and pleading with God that I will still be pregnant.

College Football started this week, and I am SO dang happy! We are HUGE Florida State fans and in the past few years became OSU fans since my sisters go to Ohio State. I just love college football and I am so excited this time of year is happy for us this year. Last year was so disheartening because it was hard to enjoy the season for what it was considering Nolan should have been born or graduate form the NICU during football season and should have still been with us.
My sisters and I after #1 u/s this week, I'm in my scrubs since I went strait to work. But at least I was sporting my "Future Buckeye"shirt for the first game day!

Good things seem to be happening people. I think I need to pinch myself because it doesn't feel real.


Lana said...

*pinch* from across the oceans!

our MFM told us we were "normal" a while ago too.. and i told him i didnt want to be normal in case i got complacent! he assured me that wouldnt happen so i've embraced "normal" a bit more now.

i am so pleased to hear things are going well for you - dont worry about the weight issue - im sure you'll be chasing him around soon enough and it will all fall off!

keep up the good work ashley!

ps - your comment about a baby shower has made me wonder if i want one or not... i never had one with matilda and i was too scared to have one this time.. but i never thought about wether i would regret not having one later down the track.. hmmmm

Angie said...

I am so, so, so happy that things are going so well!!!!

jamie said...

I am all smiles for you :)

croleyc69 said...

So very happy for you !!


Cecilia said...

Yay, keep on growing little one!

We have had the same discussions about showers here. I still don't know how I feel, but I'm leaning more toward what you said about not wanting to regret it later.

Lara + Chris said...

YAY FOR NORMAL!!! I'm so happy for you!

Katie said...

I'm so happy things are going well for you!!

Johanna said...

This is all such wonderful news! I know the Father's hand is on you and this baby! Love ya!

Jill said...

Ah! I don't know why but I am so emotional now, but HAPPY emotional! Im getting all teary eyed over here. All this news on the baby & your pregnancy is just FANTASTIC Ashley!! Couldn't be happier for you & family! Little Nolan is surely doing a wonderful job watching over his mommy & baby brother! I feel the same way with Naomi and my pregnancy.

And I cannot wait to see how your shower is planned! It will be just beautiful! I will be 34 weeks at my shower, I never got to have one with Naomi, although it was being planned around when I had to be admitted into hospital.

You're doing AWESOME! Awesome Ashley is your name! ;0) BTW you look AMAZING!

The Blue Sparrow said...

So glad that things are going good! I bet little beans uncle is working hard up there to keep that so! Sending prayers your way for extra backup! (((HUGS)))

B said...

So happy for you! I will pray that things continue to go well. Wonderful news!


Mama Fee said...

Hi! I have been following your blog for sometime now and instead of being a creepy stalker, I thought I would say hello and share my blog with you! I am currently 4 days overdue with my first baby girl and I am looking to connect with some mama’s! I added your button, add mine (if you want. :))
I look forward to reading more on your lovely blog!

Tara said...

I'm so glad things are going well! Keep us posted because I'm seriously on pins and needles to know your progress. Weird since I don't know you? Probably, but oh well! :)

Lori said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going "normal" :) That is ALWAYS a good thing! And don't worry at all about the weight thing-- it WILL come off. It's not the time or place to worry about it now!

I'm your newest follower and can't wait to hear more about your little one!