Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Piper’s Game

Remember Piper’s 5k that Chris and I ran in?

Well tonight, my Mom & Dad came with me to support another Piper event. Packing for Piper was a hockey game played in honor of little Piper, her Dad played on the Alumni team that came back to the ice for Piper. We went to support Piper’s Foundation which benefits the NICU that Nolan was in, and support her Mom, Heather. Heather and I have gotten to know each other over the past 8 months because of our common grief.

The teams introduction had me worked up, watching Piper’s Dad announced back out on the ice for his daughter, the moment of silence in honor of Piper and Heather’s gracious and heartfelt speech pre-game had me in tears. It means so much to me, and touches home when I looked around and realized most those people there were all for Piper and her cause. Just amazing! I honestly love this cause, supporting local babies. And with Piper’s help, she is saving so many babies in the very same NICU that gave me a chance to meet our Nolan, and gave him a fighting chance.

These are the words, from Heather herself that had tears rolling down my face during pre-game. Love you Heather and I am so proud of you, Tom and Piper's Foundation.

So I am here to announce, I was already planning on walking with a stroller next year for Piper’s 5K…but instead, we are going to RUN it. I should be about 11 weeks post partum and I KNOW I can do this. It’s a goal I am setting for myself and I may need you guys to push me come Jan when I am cleared to start training. I can do this! I can do it for Nolan & Piper, for the NICU and for ME.


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Lisette said...

You can do it!!! What a beautiful thing they are doing in Piper's honor.