Friday, May 7, 2010

I’ve been so busy

It’s been a crazy busy week. I haven’t even been able to sit down and even blog (gasp)!

I almost ran out of gas again while driving around my Mom, Valorie & Jen while we were out dress shopping and this was the Facebook commentary on it. I just had to post this for a good laugh. I guess I like living on the edge when it comes to gas.

gas We welcomed home my SIL’s boyfriend from Afghanistan. Talk about an emotional homecoming. It’s really special to be able to be a part of it. His sister had Veterans, family and even the news to welcome him home. Just awesome to see him back on US soil. It’s so powerful when an airport stops and everyone claps and welcomes a soldier home.connell2

My Father in Law graduated from nursing school this week. He is respiratory therapist, turned firefighter to fire chief, retired man to a NURSE. Needless to say, I think he LOVES school. What man has that many degrees? I didn’t even name them all.

OH and did I mention that he was “Outstanding Student of the Class” award. That darn over achiever!

Seniors Nurse Pinning 165   Seniors Nurse Pinning 177Seniors Nurse Pinning 179                                                                                                

Seniors Nurse Pinning 204We went out to celebrate after and Lauren (best blog friend) was in town so she came by for some drinks. I LOVE hanging out with Lauren and can’t wait to spend the weekend with her and her husband next weekend.

Seniors Nurse Pinning 223

It’s been a busy week and thankfully it’s distracting me from Sunday. I am pretty down about Mother’s Day and how it will unfold. In the past two weeks I realized Mother's Day was on my weekend to work (calculated my weekends wrong)..but I thought it would be okay. Chris and I would go for breakfast, sleep all day and both go to work. Not a HUGE deal. At least we could go visit Nolan together. BUT then it hit me the other night. Chris is back on day shift for 3 months. So I won’t see him at all. ALL WEEKEND. I leave before he comes home and he leaves before I get home. So now I am just having a pity party for myself over here. I will get over it. But I really wanted to go see Nolan together. I’m sure he will come visit me up at the hospital that night. But it’s not what I expected my day to be like. Hopefully next year is better.


belle said...

hugs :(

Lauren said...

Things WILL be better next year. I just know it. Sorry you have to work all weekend.

Had a great time with you guys too! Looking forward to this weekend. Since BG is out, we'll need to think of other things to do. We'll talk soon!

ryansmom said...

Happy Mother's Day Ashley. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Tara said...

Happy Mother's Day Ashley. I thought about you today and just wanted to let you know. Hang in there.

Megan said...

Tell your FIL congralations from a fellow new grad! And Happy Mother's Day...your little angel is blessed to have a wonderful mother like you.

Diana said...

Happy Mother's Day. I've thought about you all day today. You are an amazing person that has changed my life. I don't comment much (or for a while) because I just feel like whatever I would say is so inadequate since I haven't been in your shoes. Please know I pray for you and your family, and that you have made me a better mother with your, and Nolan's, story. ((hugs))