Saturday, May 1, 2010

28 years

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! I am so proud to say I have parents that still love each other, some days. HA! I hope Chris and I can make it to 28 years.

In the past 28 years

My parents had 4 kids.

They have lived in 4 different states and 8-9 different cities.

Survived raising 4 kids and sent them all off to college.

Been on 10+ cruises

Survived job loss more than one couple should

Lost their first and only grandchild

Lived through one of the most complicated open heart surgeries

So I think love has conquered all for them in good and bad. Happy Anniversary and I hope you’re enjoying your week! Wish we were there to toast to 28 years with you!

Our_Wedding 282


Maggie said...

Happy 28 years to your Mom & Dad!! :) I really love that picture. XO

Saffy said...

28 years is outstanding - happy happy anniversary to them :) And totally agree with Maggie - brilliant pic!!

Monkey Meanderings said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Kerry Ann and I were their flower girls.