Thursday, May 5, 2011

Toes in the water

I couldn't help myself this morning when the sun was shining and the humidity was absent to want to take a trip to the beach, okay actually it was because Chris needed to pick up his paycheck. Yes yes, he used to have direct deposit UNTIL he "thought" he was taken advantage of by identity theft only finding it to be his dear wife. HA! Long story short, he still hasn't switched to his new account for direct deposit.

Any who, back to where I was... oh yes, the beach... It's definitely one of the things we take for granted living here in Florida. For crying out loud, Chris works out there on the island and we rarely go out there. But while out there, we did get to go visit CC's God Father, Jak at work.

Today was CC's first dip in the ocean, his little toes curled up when they touched the water and then he laughed. Then the wave of water drenched me as I was trying to dip his toes. Can you see THAT wave inching it's way to my butt in my white shorts...Unfortunately Chris didn't get that picture, damn. 

Trisha and Connel made the trip home this week for the first time since Brice was born. It's nice to have them home and I am glad she is home for her first Mother's day. This trip sure isn't what it was suppose to be months ago, they should be making the temp move back home while Connel deploys and Trish stayed here with Brice. So this trip definitely has mixed emotions. Please say a prayer for some peace and what little bit of comfort can be found on such a profound day in a mother who has lost her child this coming weekend. Not only that, but Brice's service is being held Saturday, so it will be an emotional weekend for all of us. We took them out to the beach with us this morning with the intentions of writing Brice's name in the sand. It really is the simplest of things that can make you smile, like seeing your baby's name written anywhere. 

Oh did I mention that CC is 5 months old today. (choking on my diet coke... he is growing up so freaking fast!) 

Notice the muffin top my son sports?


krousehouse said...

His muffin top is adorable, and the first year goes so amazingly never believe it until you experience it! Prayers for your family.

Jill said...

Super cute! I wish I was there with your guys! The island looks beautiful!

You all look great! and my gosh, CC is just getting cuter by the day! HAPPY FIVE MONTHS CC!!

I am and have been thinking about your family, and your dear SIL & baby Brice and her husband. Hugs and love to all of you this weekend and always. oxox

Lisa said...

CC is a tub of love, that's for sure. Beyond cute!

Your SIL is lucky to have you for support. I hope the whole family can start the slow, slow healing process together and lean on each other. That's all you can do.

Liz Self said...

Baby muffin tops are the cutest. My 4-month-old actually doesn't have one -- skinny winny that she is -- but my older son sure did when he was CC's age. Enjoy.

Abigail said...

How great that you got to spend time at the beach. I love all the pictures you post! They all look so beautiful & professionally done. I will continue to pray for peace & strength for you SIL & Brice

Sara said...

Great photos!! I can't believe CC is 5 months old already. He's so cute!!

Amanda said...

I tell Eleanor she has a muffin top. Is it wrong to start our children on a lifetime of self consciousness?!! heehee! So cute!

Pam McBride said...

So beautiful! I pray for strength and peace for Trisha and Connel. <3