Saturday, July 2, 2011

Home Tour

  Welcome to our home. Yea yea, it took a Housewarming Party to get our house clean and organized enough to take pictures to share on here. USUALLY we have piles of clothes ready to be be folded or put in the laundry, baby toys everywhere and a messy bedroom. I don’t have every room to share just yet but when we were planning on paint colors, decorations, and blah blah blah.. I relied on other blogs & home tours for ideas and I want to be the same help to others.


This is the view coming up the stairs, we have 3 bedrooms and a loft which I predict will be gated off and made into a playroom in the very near future.

Paint color: Behr’s Perfect Taupe lightened 50% by paint desk


Master Bedroom

It’s HUGE! Our old bedroom barely fit our king size bed so this is quite the change. I wanted a calming gray color but didn’t want it to seem to institutional. The curtains came from Ikea, furniture from American Signature. THAT was a spurge I just had to have a few years ago and Chris hated the canopy, so when we moved in here I kept the canopy off. Then by the 2nd night we put it back up because the room was just so big and like a dog feels comfort in their kennel, we needed our canopy. Yes, I just compared us to dogs.

Paint Color: Behr’s Graceful Gray

IMG_3086 IMG_3087

The Loft/Future Playroom & Hallways

This will be nice when we can gate it off, the laundry room is right across from this and will give me no excuse to get laundry done. HA!

Paint Color: Behr’s Perfect Taupe lightened 50% by paint desk

IMG_3072IMG_3073IMG_3088CC’s Room

I am just in LOVE with his room. We kept it the same as Nolan’s room from the previous house and so glad we did. We found that bookcase on craigslist and with a few coats of paint, it was well worth the whopping $60. The rug used to be plain navy blue, but I found this perfection at Lowes and knew it would just tie his room together. I love that he can grow into this room for many years to come.    

Paint Color: Harbor from Ralph Lauren but mixed in Behr since RL is no longer available

IMG_3074IMG_3075IMG_3077 IMG_3078

Kid/Guest Bathroom

It’s a work in progress that was literally finished minutes before the party. It will eventually be a sea/fish theme, unless I change my mind before then. My Dad put up the wainscoting and it really made this bathroom look SO MUCH BETTER!

Paint Color: Behr's Reflecting PoolIMG_3079A little gem I found on EtsyIMG_3080IMG_3081 Guest Bedroom

It took some convincing to get my girly room but I adore it! The light & bedding is from Ikea, curtains were found at TJ Maxx and the beautiful furniture was a $90 steal on craigslist. I plan on hanging some large black and white Chicago pictures whenever I find some that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Paint color: Behr’s Elephant Skin


Walking downstairs

The future dining room/living room is off to the left. We have not touched this room yet since we have no clue what we want. So what do we do…. throw our extra patio furniture in there. Class.


Walking in the front door

Paint Color: Dolphin Fin


Family Room

Paint Color: Behr’s Silver Drop

IMG_3417 My best friend Val made this beauty, doesn’t it look strait out of Pottery Barn. I just LOVE it!

IMG_3419IMG_3422 Downstairs Powder Room

I had fallen in LOVE with the Board & Batten I have seen on so many DIY blogs and decided to start small and try it in a small room. My Dad and I set out to Home Depot and a few days later, our powder room was completely changed. Thank you Dad!

Paint Color: Behr’s Light French Gray

IMG_3415We tried taking this mirror off to replace it with a framed one, but the mirror was not going to budge without making a huge hole in the wall. I was thinking of outlining the mirror in rope. Thoughts? Any other ideas, please share.


And if you want to see the kitchen… click here


B. Wilson said...

Love your house! That bookcase is spectacular and that last bathroom you showed... love the paint!

You guys have such fantastic taste. :)

Abigail said...

I LOVE LOVE your home!! You guys are wonderful at picking colors and decorating!!! What a beautiful home

Nika M. said...

Your house is gorgeous! And I love that book case!

Holly said...

love the house!!

Brad and Jess said...

What a gorgeous home! I had my husband come look at your post because you used such great paint colors! We're still in the process of painting our house and you gave us inspiration! :)

Caroline said...

Love your house , so beautiful !!

Lisa said...

Beautiful home! I love the boat bookcase and the girly guest room. =)

Mitzi G. said...

the house looks amazing!! I would keep those photos somewhere safe because as your little guy grows there will be none of a clean toy free house ever :)

Pam McBride said...

I just love how you have decorated, it looks awesome! I thought of you the other night - we were picking out bathroom stuff for our new place, and they have a really cute nautical themed bathroom set (shower curtain, soap pump, toothbrush holder, towels etc) at Target. It's the right colors, too. You should check it out. Xoxo

aspen said...

hi ashley!! just wanted to say that I LOVE the rope around the mirror idea...would love to see pics if you do it :)

Terrai said...

You have a beautiful home Ashley. Just a little jealous ;)

Bree said...

seriously! can you come to California and work on my house now! your house is amazing!