Friday, July 1, 2011

A little bit of chaos never hurts especially when you run out of gas for the 1,607,000th time

  • I learned how to change a blow out diaper with no wipes because Mom of the Year over here forgot them in the diaper bag that morning before heading out. I'm still hearing shit for that one. I'll spare you the details.
  • I ran out of gas, once again while on 'zero miles' since I couldn't remember when I hit '0 miles' left. My car ever so slightly locked up and stopped moving IN the BJ's parking lot, 3 lanes away from the gas station. It was like the darn Ford Edge was giving me the big fat middle finger for not filling her up sooner. OH!- Apparently BJ's doesn't sell gas cans nor does the service person working the thing understand what a freaking gas can is. Thankfully I found a nice man filling up his beautiful fire engine red gas can and asked him for some assistance. He helped thank god, because calling my husband or Dad to come save me, well I would never hear the end of it.
  • This little hiccup while running errands on a 95 degree day cut short all my grocery shopping since we had a graduation to get to for the Respiratory class of 2011. The class was presenting me with a plaque that they had made in honor of Charlie. Bless their hearts for remembering my brother.
  • Housewarming party the next day was a HUGE success.... EXCEPT the 50lbs of Boston Butt Pulled Pork wasn't ready in time due to not having it in the crock pot at 6am, why may you ask?! OHHHH that's right, I ran out of gas and never made it to Publix to get the Apple Juice. Then at 11:45 at night, I remembered I kinda needed that to start the pulled pork early AM and Publix doesn't open until 7am nor does the husband get home till then anyways. So MacDaddy's got a good purchase from us to feed the million hungry people in my house that evening. Then by 11pm, I have 6 Boston Butts screaming they were finally ready. What a pork failure. And did I mention, we ran out of paper plates, tinfoil and paper towels. This made for a fun clean up!
Hey at least the jello-shots & blow up slide were a hit

Then the best part of the week...
Amy, Scott and Kooper arrived. But I have soooooo much more to write and share on this so until then, I hope I left you with some laughs.


The Suburban Princess said...

Boston Butt Pulled Pork! I can't stop giggling!

Just Jenny said...

Where did you get that slide? Looks like fun!

Lisa said...

That's what I call controlled chaos! It looks like everyone had a fabulous time so what's a little extra excitement to keep things lively. Maybe your hubby should buy you a personalized gas can. Some cars carry spare tires yours carries spare gas cans. Glad you're safe and found a nice person to help.

Nika M. said...

I hope next week is better for you. :-)