Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rewind to last week's ER visit

For all those times I spent sitting on a hospital stretcher hooked to monitors and getting my blood drawn while pregnant with CC, it sure was different being on the other side. This time, it was CC in the stretcher, hooked to a few monitors, giving blood and getting probed.
Last week, CC came home with a 103 fever and being unable to break the darn thing despite Tylenol, cool baths and forehead compresses, our poor baby landed in the peds office. He looked pitiful all day, just wasnt himself at all.

His little rosy cheeks and sad eyes tell you how awful he felt.

The pediatrician was baffled by his high unbreakable fever with lack of symptoms and his constant moaning and whimpering. The nurse had cold paper towels on his head because his fever spiked to 103.3 after Tylenol. So after a slew of tests, we were sent to the ER.

(it's so weird to have him on my lap in the stretcher considering I'm used to him still being in my tummy every other time I was on a stretcher- oh and isn't he huge)

All his tests came back 100% normal and it was concluded that he just had a virus that has been running around.

He was back to his normal self with in 24 hours. It was just his first and hopefully last visit to the ER. I'm glad we went though bc it gave my anxiety a peace of mind. Had we gone home after the pedi's, I'm sure he would have heard from this crazy whack all night. It's just so hard to find that medium of normal worry and over anxious. Overall, I think I handled it pretty darn well, and 24 hours later- CC seemed to feel the same.

-attempted to blog this from my trusty iPhone most likely because I was too lazy to sit at the computer. Eh.


Jen said...

It's harder when it's them being poked and prodded, too! Our rainbow, Cooper, is almost 21 months, and had his first ER visit last month. His temp was 104.5 and it turned out he had pneumonia. Very scary and I rather it be me anyday that sick than my baby...

I'm glad CC is doing better!

Baby Mama said...

I'm glad everything is okay! He is such a cute baby!

Jill said...

Awe! Poor CC! What a scary visit I am sure! I am glad he is back to himself!

I remember taking Sadie 2/3 weeks after I had her to PEDS office then they sent us to ER and we were admitted for a few days. I cried. Oh it was terrible not knowing the unknown. But we will do anything for our sweet babies.

Glad to haer all is well!

Lisa said...

Happy to hear he's feeling better.

Andrea said...

SO happy that little CC is doing better :) How incredibly scary! Bless his little heart, that IV in his foot just made me cry.


*Laura Angel said...

So happy you went in! Sometimes just to hear everything is ok is amazing! Hey whatsever helps us sleep at night :)

Abigail said...

How scary, but glad he is doing better now!!

Miche said...

Poor guy! I'm glad he is feeling better.

What a big (adorable) guy :)