Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 Bags, no bra and Mom of the Year…

We’re home. Home from one of the most interesting cruises we have ever been on. I am going to have a hard time putting into words what our last 4 days was like out on the great blue sea. Ahhhh yes, I should have known we were in trouble when I stood on the back of the ship and got the feeling we were being cropped dusted by a large blue & red whale. Something about that just weirded me out. Regardless, it was nothing a rum drink in a overpriced souvenir cup fancied with a paper umbrella can’t fix. Right?



So yes, we ended up with 5 bags just for our cabin. I am pretty sure I packed every single thing we would need FOR THE BABY. He may or may not had some high heels shoved in his case. But yes, I may have brought 3 suits, 100 diapers, clothes to last a month and even an extra sheet for the crib they provided. But it wasn’t until the next morning that I realized, I forgot to pack bras. Yes. Go me. I made due, but I had to laugh at myself when I had 6 pairs of shoes to choose from but no bra. awesome.2529

CC was in LOVE. He has to go be the easiest baby to cruise with. Sit in stroller, eat, sleep… repeat. Sure he had unlimited amounts of food coming from every direction, endless girls falling out of their bikini tops and plenty of attention to keep him occupied.

2503 26252598

First stop… Key West. We woke up around 6am before we even docked and perused up to Lido deck to watch the sunrise. There we met up with Aunt Maggie who was making her rounds trying to find a cup of coffee and food. Although I found out food is NOT available before 7am, I practically got my hand slapped while trying to sneak a chocolate muffin out of the buffet 10 minutes early. Seriously?! Any who.. Gpa & Nana found us out on Lido and we all watched us pull into port in our pajamas.


And friends, I fully admit… I officially won the “Mom of the Year” award. How you may ask?2692

It started at Hog’s Breath. Chris and Gpa wanted to stop for a drink because that’s where they all hung out on their “guys trip” a few years ago. Ok fine, we get it. But when we all walked in, the song “If I die young” came on, and between my sisters and Mom we flooded the bar out with tears thinking about how Charlie is missing from our group. So there goes the first round of drinks. 

2713 2729 27312747 

Our next stop was because Kelli just HAD to show us this one place she LOVED. Ahhhhh Irish Kevin’s… yes. I smell trouble. We wheel CC on in and the bartender shouts “Shots for Tots”

2778 2796 Yes. I’m racking up points to earn this Mother of the Year award. We stayed there until the place filled up with people and we figured it was time to move on. Keep in mind, it was only 11:30 in the morning.

2788 2827

Alright, so we start walking down Duval street peering into shops and making jokes when we stop dead in our tracks because OMGit’sFatTuesdays!!!! Let me give you some background. Our wedding cruise, we made some very fine memories at a Fat Tuesdays in Cozumel. It was a great time- so we couldn’t just pass up a slushy spiked with yummy rum.

2860 2876 2862

And yes… it dawns on me… CC is bar hopping. Guilty. Go ahead judge. But hey, it was a family affair. Nana, Gpa, 3 aunts and his Mom & Dad were with him. We were “sight seeing.” 2932

We all made it back to our ship safe and sound and mostly sober. We were back to hoarding food from the buffet and changing diapers… Just another typical afternoon with the baby aboard the Fun Ship.29542958

To be continued……


Jennifer said...

I definitely laughed out loud a few times reading this post! You all looked like you had a blast & I love that you packed so many shoes, but no bra. I agree with you -- you weren't "bar-hopping" with your son, you were sight-seeing tourists!

My husband & I love cruising, but we haven't managed to do it with our sons yet (they turned 2 in June).

Lauren said...

SOOOOO FUN! You have such a fun loving family! Wish we could have been on that cruise with you! Can't wait to hear more! Oh, and that SUCKS about only having 1 bra. I would have totally done the same thing... like, be so consumed with packing up everything the baby would need that you neglect what YOU actually need.

Samantha said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I love that you "bar hopped" with CC - even though I don't think it was truly bar hopping at that time of day! You were just being tourists!

My hubby and I are going on a Carnival cruise next month, but we are going sans kids! Seeing your pictures is making me want Oct 16 to get here now!!

Jen J. said...

bahahaha...glad yall had a good time! CC is so cute :)

Abigail said...

In my eyes you do get the mother of the year award for being able to have a fabulosh time on vacation w/ a LO. Who needs bras when your baby boy has everything he needs!! Loved all the pics. This blog made me smile!!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post!!!! :) Glad you had fun.

Tammy said...

If it makes you feel better. The last time I did a wine tasting weekend with Ashley C, I packed all shirts and no pants. Yep, other than the pants I wore on the plan there, I had nothing for the long weekend. I'm just that awesome!

Melissa said...

Love this! Love cruising, we took our 5 yr old, 3 yr old and 1 yr old last year, it was amazing. And we ate at Margaritaville with all of them.