Friday, September 23, 2011

Mom Cut 2011

I don’t know what is wrong with my brain, but every time I see the Kardashian sisters- I am convinced my hair will look like theirs if I keep growing mine out. This is not a lie. So every time I chop my hair, I declare that I am growing my locks back out because ONE DAY- I will wake up and my hair will look THAT luscious.


Wishful thinking.

I fully admit I spent the last 30 minutes trying to photo swap my face into a Kourtney Kardashian picture, but I scared my own self, so I will post a far away picture for your viewing pleasure.


I was starting to get sick of just whipping up my rats nest up into glorified messy bun and hoping I looked somewhat presentable. It took me 20 minutes to blow dry, another 20 to roll and then the second I walked out the door- FLAT! Have I mentioned how much I loathe Florida humidity.

It was time to get this mane chopped.

Last Friday morning we flew into Chicago (for my yet to be blogged reunion) where a dear blog friend happens to live. Laura and I have been dying to meet since winter of 2009 after we found each other on a preeclampsia message board. We both went through hell together and spent many of hours talking about our fears hopes and dreams. Here we are 2 years later, pre-e survivors, BLM’s and both raising 2 perfect little brothers. So I figured what better time to meet than make an appointment at her salon, fresh of the airplane and get the “Mom Cut” from only the best. IMG_3822 I have to say, she rocked my hair.

Thank you Laura for making me feel pretty for my reunion. Thank you for our great conversation about our babies. Thank you for taking time out of your day to come meet us and most of all- Thank you for being the great supportive friend you have been the past 2 years. IMG_3819

P.S. I want to squeeze Carter’s cheeks!


 My Mom Cut 20112981



Nika M. said...

Your hair looks great!

Jill said...

Super cute mom cut Ash! And so jealous you got to meet Laura! ha we all must have a reunion ourselves or get together one of these days or years all of us!

Laura said...

What an adorable hair cut, I may have to steal it, LOVE the bangs!

krousehouse said...

Hot Mama Cut!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks awesome. Just to help you feel a bit better about the Kardashians' lovely locks, they are weaves. Amazing, expensive weaves.

cmatsukes said...

Your hair looks good that way and you are just glowing good to see you happy.

Bree said...

I am having hair envy looking at your pic. Makes me wanna fly to Chicago for the cut. :)

Abigail said...

I think you're hair was just as amazing as the Kardashian ladies!!! We all want our hair to be like someone else's. I think your new do is fabulosh! Laura is a very talented stylist and your new Mommy look fits you well.

Pam McBride said...

Omg I have the same delusions about my hair looking like Kim K's, that's why I dyed it dark and am letting it grow! Lmao! They have the most amazing hair. But then they have like 50 million billion gazillion dollars to spend on people and products that make it look so gorgeous!

Lisette said...

Aww you look great. I love being able to meet fellow loss moms. It is crazy how close we can get to someone who we never personally met. I am glad that you guys finally got to meet.