Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 year reunion

10 years ago, 1 week after I donned the purple gown and walked across the stage to receive my diploma- I moved.

I moved 1,000+ miles away, to a new home my parents built, to a new state, a new everything. And boy was I pissed! My boyfriend, my BFFL’s, my 89 Summerset Buick, my job- you know at the ripe age of 17 everything is “totally forever” and god forbid my parentals try to screw that up.

Granted, here I am 10 years later with the kick ass (Florida Cracker) husband, great career, new home and a chunky baby occupying our time. For the most part, It’s been a good 10 years and needless to say Florida has treated me well. (Nolan & Charlie are not in that equation)

So when asked if we were going to make the trip up to the reunion….. Why the hell not?!

reunion6I know it’s all cliché and stuff NOT to go to a 10 year reunion especially with the social networking in our day in age, but I didn’t care. I mean come on, I had to throw back to this sexiness! Vintage Ashley 2001.

cheer Of course I wanted to see the peeps I haven’t seen in over 10 years, granted FB already keeps us connected. I wasn’t popular by any means and I would be lying if I denied being nervous that no one would remember me or visa versa. On the other hand there were a few people that I was never real close to in school, and if you told me I would be excited to see them at the reunion 10 years ago- I would have a confused face. Not because I didn’t like them, I just wasn’t close to them. But those are the people that came out of the woodworks after losing Nolan and really left an impression on my heart. (cue sappiness) Funny how 10 years can change a whole lot.

It was hilariously funny to see the guy the had a crush on me since 2nd grade, I was convinced he would have me on one of those Maury type shows as “Look at me now” and he would be some male dancer grinding on me while I had the look of amazement. Ok ok, I’m getting carried away. I will say, throwing alcohol into the mix kept the party interesting, granted I behaved myself but it sure did make for some great conversation.

reunion4We had a blast! Even Chris who wasn’t dying to go like I was even had a great time, evidenced by his duet performance. Ironically, these two husbands were the two who DIDN’T go to Hononegah.

reunion4  So Thank You to the Class of 2001 for making our trip worthwhile. God to honest truth, I needed some good ole Midwest, a trip down memory lane, a real Midwest football game (more on that high expectation later) and definitely some Culvers.  Can’t.forget.about.Culvers.


This is not our entire class, we have to be missing 300 that were either too cool to come, too cheap or just plain old couldn’t make it. Although there was a good amount of our group in the bar watching football- like my husband who made his claim to fame in my reunion by shouting “GO GO GO GO… YYYEEEESSSSSS!” (yeeea, he’s with me)

Until next time… 10 more years

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Michelle said...

I have been reading for a while. I had a feeling you were from IL from your Cubs shirts. I live in MD now but lived in IL my entire life until I moved here.

I have not read your blog in a while but I also came to say I was thinking of you yesterday....

I lost my first baby early one in my pregnancy.