Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Every kid needs a stuffed animal with micro chip, right?

I couldn’t help myself. CC had to have a Build A Bear. Yea yea, I know he won’t remember it and sure I had to convince Chris this was a must but I am so glad we did it for the pure fact I have some of the best pictures of CC making his first bear.

We went with the Koala Bear, named Wally Jr in honor of Chris’ child hood stuffed Koala named Wally. Wally was THE token he dragged everywhere and slept with every night. So we picked out the light grey, slightly larger than original Wally and went to town stuffing. 




        IMG_4077  IMG_4078  IMG_4084 IMG_4098

Best part… sent this picture to Chris’ Mom and her response…

“Looks like you need a paternity test, original Wally was Brown”


Mitzi G. said...


Anonymous said...

Paternity test...HYSTERICAL!!! LOL!!
My son will be 5 next month. We got his 'Monkey Man' at BaB when he was 10 months old. He loved it from the 1st day and still sleeps with it every night. It's great when you find 'the one' that will be your baby's 1st little friend:-) Love Wally Jr & CC looks like he does too! :-)

Jayme said...

Too cute!
We just did BaB with the twins this summer.
My older kids all have one that they've carried around for years- my teen boys still have theirs :)