Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I threw a bridal shower folks & Pinterest was my brain.

This weekend is finally over. OVER!

My bestest friend, like BFF4L, Valorie is finally getting married. You know, THE VALORIE that I have written about many of times. She made Nolan's video, she threw my baby shower that looked like it was strait from a magazine and most of all she keeps me from pulling my hair out. So I knew I had to throw her the best bachelorette party and bridal shower a girl could ask for.
So you may ask, how did I do?

Well, with the help of most the bridesmaids, Adderall and my bestie Pintrest- I think we kicked ass.

I'd tell you all about the Bachelorette Party that took place 2 nights before the shower, but then I would have to post R-rated pictures of a 6ft blow-up unmentionable (which got signed by Blake Shelton & Jarrod Neimon- thank you very much). Yes, I am not lying. The party consisted of a special chauffeur, tailgating and a concert under the stars.

2 days later, us ladies threw this together.
So with out further ado,
Valorie's Wine Tasting Bridal Shower
The do-it-yourself wine table. I found the wine barrels on Craigslist for a steal. We went with a burlap table cloth and a chalkboard runner, compliments of a pin I found on Pintrest.

Actually, here is my brain of the operation- my Pintrest board for the shower.

In the kitchen, we had the main dish, Baked Ziti and man did it taste divine! The table was covered in burlap & chantily lace, just perfect for the rustic wine charm I had envisioned. Those candles were inspired from a pin on pintrest that has been floating around also. I order a bunch of wine corks off eBay for cheap, used the vases, put a Yankee Candle inside and filled the space with corks. Wa-la... easy peasy.

Another inspiration found from Pintrest was chalkboard wine glasses. This was necessary considering we had 20+ attending the shower and would need a way to identify the glasses. We used Rustoluem chalkboard paint, Dollar Tree wine glasses (yes, the clerk ringing us out that day said she wanted to go where ever we were heading) and a chalkboard paint pen. The guests took these home as a favor along with their mason jar cupcakes which I failed to take a picture of.

The tables had flower center pieces with burlap runners and classy tin folding chairs.

Oh and I can't forget the white wine sangria recipe I found on Pintrest. O...M...G it was delish! I used 2 bottle of wine wine and 2 bottles of Fresca along with frozen bag of fruit and ladies and gents- we had heaven served in a glass. It was AH-MAZING!

Best Friends.
I had to throw in the infamous flamingo pose.

I'm not lying when I say I would do anything for this girl. I looked up to her when I started my career, I leaned on her when we lost Nolan, I held her hand through her sons last open heart surgery, she rushed to us when CC was born, and now I will be at her side when she gets married. 31 days left!!

The party was a hit! We did it girls! We threw a party only Val herself could throw! And she deserved that and more!!


Spazdoodles said...

Wow!! Ashley, that looks like a professional party! Like one you have to pay someone thousands of dollars to plan!

I too am obsessed with Pinterest. Is it not the greatest time waster ever?

Darleen said...

Absolutely beautiful!! And Val looks soooo happy...;)

Lauren said...

Love love love it ALL! I'm hiring YOU next time I throw a party. It all looked great! I'm sure Val was sooo pleased with her bridal weekend!

Pam McBride said...

Wow, looks like an awesome party!! She did such an incredible job on your baby shower, so I was wondering what you'd do for her shower...looks like it was quite a hit! :) Congrats, Val!

Abigail said...

Wow you and your helpers did an AmAzInG job!! Seriously the pics look like something out of a magazine!!! You are such a great person and the beautiful thing is that from what I have read about your BFF Val your friendship is one of a kind! You are extremely creative!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Ash! This looks amazing! I know Val was pleased and she so deserved such an awesome party! She is such a wonderful person (whom I've known for 9 years)! I wish her and Travis all the happiness! I only wish I could've been there!

Murphy said...


Kimberly said...

Holy crap Ash - your party looks amazing, strait out of a magazine!! WELL DONE!!!

mackyton said...

Good to know about your bridal shower party and hope you had a great party. Couple of months ago, arranged my sister-in-law’s ring ceremony at one of fantastic wedding venues NYC. Hired a professional photographer and had a wonderful time there.