Saturday, October 1, 2011

My kid eats off the floor, MOY #2

As I sat down on the floor for snack time, I promise you I thought in my head that I wish CC's butt could still fit in a bumbo with a tray. The highchair is in the other room and hand feeding him puffs is just annoying. I popped open the can as CC's eyes lit up and his feet started kicking because omgit'spuffs-feedmemom! 

Apparently, CC hasn't eaten in days and had to have the entire container. So I did what any Mom would do, hand swept what I could back in and let the kid go to town.
 He literally shoveled them into his mouth.
 Off the floor. 

 He was in Heaven, puff Heaven.

 Puffs were stuck in places that I am sure he will find later and eat, usually his little neck roll. 
Ok ok, I'm just kidding. But the kid does store food somewhere and I haven't figured his secret out yet.

And yes, after the puff feast- I was even a cooler Mom and let the dog eat the rest off the floor.
I rock.


Jill said...

I absolutely love these pictures and this post. super cute. he is getting oh so big. I really hope to come and visit you guys soon. Miss you all!

Lindsay said...

Love it. We eat off the floor daily with my 14 month old and the dog loves it.

ALin said...

Love! So cute! Nothing usually lasts long on the floor at our house, Sherman considers that his dinner table :)

krousehouse said...

Yep, the floor is just another type of dinner plate in my house too.

Pam McBride said...

Feeding himself and drinking from a sippy cup?! Omg when did he get so big!!

Shannon said...

You made his day!