Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ultrasound Video

I finally figured out a way to post this video from our Big Ultrasound that was back on 4/14. The u/s tech gave us a DVD of the entire thing but I couldn't get it to download for the life of me. So I just took a video with my camera and that seemed to work. She was doing a bunch of measurements during the u/s so sometimes its hard to figure out what is what.

You thing that sucks about being can't take some of the normal cold medicines if you are sick. I have one REALLY bad cold right now and the only thing that seems to touch it is Benedryl (out of the list of meds Im allowed to take) but I cant take that at work because Ill fall alseep. So I feel like I am suffering, it sucks. Usually I would be high on all sorts of cold medicines if I wasn't housing the little man. Ahhhhh, I know, I could be worse.

The Drs office called to give results of the blod work they drew last week. Its the blood work that she decided to get to see if it gave any insight on why he is a tiny baby... she lab nurse said the titers were negative! Yay! Im not sure if thats all they drew but Ill find out more in a week and a half when we go back.

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Morgan said...

Beautiful video Ash, that song is making me cry!