Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crib & Name Talk

The crib I fell in LOVE with... is 650 some dollars! I would NEVER spend that much or let anybody else in that matter. My mom came across one for 349 that is almost the same, BUT... of course the color we want is sold out anywhere the crib is sold. (Go Figure)

So.... Im on a hunt to find a crib similar to my dream crib. We're in no hurry because we want the nursery to be a gradual thing- so YES, we have time, but I can't help but look and try to find awesome deals.

Baby is still "John Doe Dowaliby" as we call him, lol. He's nameless and will most likely remain nameless until he is born since mom and dad DO.NOT.AGREE on names at all. Any suggestions? Ill give you the names he refuses to let me name him...
Nolan James
(Im in LOVE with this name- just as my whole family, but he HATES it)
Charlie (He refuses to let me name him this b/c my brothers anme is already Charlie- thanks Mom)
Zachary James (He claims Zachary remind him of Zach from Saved by the Bell)
Ethan James (He shot that down real fast)
I could go on and on and on......

His favorite names are:
Micheal (I have 2 uncles and a cousin named Micheal... so NO! He wants to call his kid Mikey EWW!)
Dalton (It's okay, it's actually his police sargents last name so it might be kinda weird. Im not attached to the name but its "okay")

The names we semi agree on:
Christopher Joseph Dowaliby III and calling him Trey (This is pretty much our back up plan, He always wanted a III, Im not a huge fan of having a III but naming him Trey is better.) Trey is a common name for 3rd child in generations that's named as a III.

Jack (We both like this name but not in love with it)

So feel free to give suggestions, we both are not in love with trendy common names such as Holden, Carter, Conner, Aiden type names. They are all WAY too popular right now and I had a popular name growing up and hated it. (P.S, I have NOTHING agaisnt these names)

We like classic, solid names more so in top 100-200 lists. If this boy turns out to be anything like his father, tall and huge with size 18 foot, he can't have a wussy or trendy name. It.Just.Wont.Fit.


With a smile....Dannie said...

Butch? Macho James? haha just kidding!!

Lucas? Peter? Bradley? Logan? Matthew?

Names of my swimmers that i like:
Arthur, Eli, Daniel (x5), David, Tim, Ethan

Laura said...

love the name Nolan!

this is the crib that Caydyn has..in black

it also has the matching dresser and chest. we love it!

Darleen said...

I love Trey...remember, there is only one time you can use this name;)...a first born son.

Nana Trina said...

I still LOVE Nolan the best! My second choice is Benjamin but I am sure we are going to have a 3rd. Hey! If you name the boy Ashley Anthony and your girl Christina Joesphina that would be dialing it up! I have a feeling you are going to have a Trey that look's like Ashley built like Chris. Take a look at boy's they tend to look like their Mom's.