Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its a BOY!

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!
We were all soooooo wrong! And I swear 80% of everyone thought it was a girl!
So a little about our appointment,
The ultrasound was first and she did all the measurements and kept an eye out for the goods but the baby was turned funky. We thought we got a money shot and thought we saw the penis but wasn't sure. So she said to go ahead and go to see the Dr and after wards she would sneak me back in to try again. The ultrasound tech then got my hopes up by saying that the girls clitoris and labia can be so enlarged that it can mimic a penis sometimes. This is usually caused when the mother has raging hormones (like I do) So I still had some girl hope. Yes I really wanted a girl but I'm a girly girl and I was the oldest so it was just what I imagined. Plus it didn't help I was convinced it was a girl from all those stupid things and dreams and every ones predictions.

We then went to see the Dr who went over the results of the anatomy scan. She said that the baby was measuring smaller than usual. So I wasn't too concerned until she spit out the 8th percentile. 8th PERCENTILE?!? She said that they typically worry when the percentile is under 10. (Oh great) She went on to explain that it COULD be the baby's position or placenta attachment (??) but she still wanted to draw some labs and have them sent off to test for some viral thing and other stuff that could be causing it. Then I will come back in 3 weeks and get another ultrasound. She said maybe the baby was curled up or the baby will have a growth spurt in the next 3 weeks. She also mentioned that she isn't TOO concerned since our NT scan (down syndrome & Tris 18) was negative and all the other measurements look good.
She said she wasn't too concerned for major chromosomal abnormalities because I would have miscarried already and other measurements would be off too. But she said I also have the option to go to Fetal Maternal Medicine now or wait after we see what the results show in 3 weeks and HOPEFULLY baby was in a funky position or HE had a growth spurt. They also couldn't get a good scan of the heart due to size I guess, so they will do that then too.

THEN, she went on to say my amniotic fluids are hovering borderline low, UGH...anything else? I guess my number is a 9? I don't know so that worries me too.

Then we ran back to the u/s tech where she scanned him and confirmed BOY. We were both really surprised but pretty excited!

So after this, I had to get all my blood drawn for the tests they are running and I will get those results back at the appointment on May 5th. I did get emotional while getting my blood drawn because I couldn't stop thinking why in the heck our baby would be so small when it comes from genes it does...Chris is 6'7", remember?

So by time I left I was a mess but trying to hide it. The gender reveal would have been easier if they said BOY, oh and its measuring perfectly healthy and such. BUT they didn't, but that's okay.

So Aunt Mary googled gestation size percentile and it she said it wasn't as alarming as it sounded. She said the 8th percentile is known to have 5-6lb babies and sometime are prone to c-sections. So we will see. That made me feel a little better I guess. I wouldn't have googled it since the Dr and I agreed it's a bad idea.

I was also talking to the Dr about how I was SUPPOSE to transfer to start working as a NICU therapist this year. But since getting pregnant I decided to put it off until 2010. She said she couldnt agree more that it was best to wait. So I am so glad I made that decision.

Then we had to go shopping with (Trisha (SIL) & Elaine (MIL), and I was in a emotional mood when I should have been in an exciting mood but with the recent news I was just worried. Plus I don't find shopping for boys as much fun as looking at all those cute sun dresses and bikinis and pink. So I found some cute nautical and sailor onesies and it cheered me up. And Chris found a couple fire outfit ones so he was pretty excited! I cant wait to start dressing him up in the plaid shorts and collar shirts with boat shoes! AGH! So freaking HANDSOME!

So now the fun begins...picking names, nursery decor and fun outfits! Ill be posting soon to show our nursery idea, Im SUPER SUPER excited about!


Katy said...

I was one of the people that guessed boy so yay!

You know I'm here if you need to talk. I'm sure Baby D is going to be just fine. Let me know if you need anything. My phone is always on....

Kristen said...

Ash, It seems like the doctor is just being super causious and checking everything. Im sure all is fine and it just could be hes really big like chris he has to tuck himself in!!! :)LOL. Congrats about being a boy!!!!

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

Congrats on our baby boy!!