Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This will be fairly short, it's been another 23 hour day with no sleep. I think Mag and I are so tired we can't even sleep. Now that's bad... we tried taking naps but had no luck.

Dad is doing better with the confusion. The Dr said he is sure it was a reaction to the steroids. He said it usually takes 2-5 days to come out of it. I'm hoping today is going to continue to be a clear/lucid day for him. So far, so good. He is just BORED out of his mind. Only so much you can do from the bed and only so many channels on TV. We try our best to entertain him. Maggie is setting him up on her laptop right now, hopefully that contains him for the next hour before they take him for his scan.

They are going to try to attempt the CTA of the heart again which then they can hopefully schedule is open heart surgery. We are crossing our fingers that he has a good x-ray and the pneumonia is clearing. Then if that's the case they will schedule the surgery for the end of this week. We are crossing our fingers for that one.

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