Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow. Emotions

So here I am 3am in the morning on a night I should be getting a good nights sleep but I'm wide awake. I was having dreams of chocolate milk, and craved it. (Thank God I have some)

Last night we went to a friends wedding that I was pretty excited about, but I ended up leaving in tears. WTF!? Only a pregnant women would do this...

Yup, it started off because I felt like a damn Easter Egg in my dress. I'm still in that in between stage of clothes. I COULD fit into a few of my pre-pregnant dresses, but my darn ta-tas dont fit: AT ALL. So I have to resort to maternity dresses that I felt like I have a linebackers body in.

So I really wasn't in the mood to dance because I felt uncomfortable, but the girls dragged me on the dance floor. Come on, me turn down dancing? Yup it's a new thing...Im always dancing at weddings- but I really wasn't in the mood now. So I make the attempt and I hide in the back, lol. Then my feet found a nice puddle of water and whooop I fall on my butt. Im sure not many people saw it, and if I was acting normal I would have laughed it off. But no, I leave the dance floor and ended up in tears. WTF!?

Then everything else made me cry, we ended up leaving...we had plan on leaving a little early since Chris was up all night and day working but still. I felt so freakin emotional. I was crying for any reason I could think of mostly dealing with me not acting like myself because I felt so uncomfortable. Ohhh and I only half way done with this pregnancy, 19 more weeks and I know it will only get worse.

On a happier note, my baby shower has a date! June 20th! It's a little early but my whole family is in town for my brothers graduation that weekend so we're going to do it so my mom and sisters don't miss out on this. I don't want them trying to fly down and waste a ton of money in airfare just to do it a month later. Im really excited! All I know is my Mom, Aunt Mary and of course Val is planning it and it will probably be a brunch. We have to have it a litle earlier in the day than normal because my brother graduation is that night & we can't do it Sunday because its Fathers Day.

So I should be sleeping now because I have a long day ahead of me. Operation Nursery starts's our agenda...
1. Clean up both rooms & closets -This will take forever
2. Sean is coming over to help Chris move ALL furniture downstairs (Glad I dont have to do any of that)
3. Rip out all carpet (Ill watch this too)
4. Try to get Nursery painted and hopefully our bedroom too (doubt our bedroom will get done)
5. Drive old furniture over to Moms new house
6. Go out to dinner with Senior and Aunt Bev from Atlanta (Im sure Ill fall asleep at dinner by then)

Im done rambling, Im going to go entertain my self with more HGTV.

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