Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blind Blessing

I went to our churches memorial mass for All Souls Day on Monday night. It was a luminary service held outside where Nolan is laid to rest. I wasn't able to stay for the entire mass since I had to work and was already late. But I was somewhat down when I got to work because it just puts it into reality what this is really all about.

I went ahead and started my treatments and low and behold a code blue was called. I showed up, did my thing, even did compressions for the first time since losing Nolan. I was fine until after wards and just got kinda down again.

I then went to give my last patient her breathing treatment and she was watching mass on TV. We small talked over how it's All Souls Day and I shared with her where I was before work. I come to find out she just lost her son too. He was 64 and passed from Cancer. We shared our sons stories, talked about faith and prayed for healing. We both agreed no parent should ever bury a child, no matter how old they are.

I was lucky to meet her family the next night and spent a long time talking to them. They asked so many questions about Nolan and his short life. They then shared a story from their family that is so similar to mine. They had me go get pictures of Nolan and I even shared my rosary that a friend had made more me that has Nolan's initials and dates on.

This women gave me strength that night, was never expecting to find it from a patient. But her deep faith, wisdom and caring words really put me at ease on Monday night. I made sure I told her that last night when I left. I pray she gets better and gets to go home any day now. I hope she is home and well when I come back on Saturday.


Rachel H. said...

What an amazing story...I believe that she was put there as your patient all because of God's doing! He know when we need him, and he put her there to be a support and blessing for your life and to give you someone to share with. These stories make me feel so touched! :) Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

I love how things like that happen. I'm glad you found peace that night. Sometimes it just feels good to share your story with someone.

cmatsukes said...

Yes it is amazing where some of your strenght can come from someone you never expected from. Glad you were able to share with them about your Nolan.

Miche said...

You are one tough cookie. I'm glad that woman was there to chat with. Also, your career is wonderful but I'm sure it weighs on you at times. Have a great week!

Holly said...

Wow, that's so nice that you got to meet this woman and share with her. I love opportunities like that.