Monday, April 12, 2010


We meet friends on cruises. Every single one we go one, we get lucky and ALWAYS meet the coolest people.

Our engagement cruise, we met Ashley & Anthony, they live 10 minutes from us, Ashley & Chris went to the same high school and she was my go-to nurse when I was pregnant, why? Because she works the L & D at Nolan’s hospital. We are still awesome friends to this day, over 2 years later.


This last cruise in December, we met Erin & Mike. By complete chance, in the middle of the ocean on a beach in Barbados. They looked young (unlike 80% of the other cruisers), we chatted it up, had a few drinks and even swung off a bridge into the water together.

We bonded over our ‘fearful’ jump and knew we were destined to be best friends when she lost her headband in the jump. When her husband asked her why she was still looking under water for it 10 minuets later, she gave him the CRAZIEST look and said,

“Listen here buddy, back off I am mourning the loss of my headband!”

Yes. Someone else that is addicted to headbands like me. I LOVE HER!

We spent the rest of our cruise hanging out with Erin & Mike. We met for drinks every night before dinner, went to the shows together and got crazy in the club every night. Honeymoon 009Honeymoon 007 

We bonded over our love of headbands, cruising and our favorite casino game Monopoly. 735

So how can I resist booking a cruise when I get this email from Erin?

Reasons you need to go cruising with us!
A. I am awesome
B. Daily wake up calls from Lisa Bell your cruise director!
C. Dance parties with DJ Bill Phil!!!
D. I need a partner to play the addicting monopoly money eating game, who else am I going to get to sink $53 in the machine?
E.If you don't go I have to go alone...with just my husband.
F. Mike ..... dejay-ing topless!!
G. Balcony trivia is great for baby making!
H. FREE sushi at Vines!
I. A possible chance to buy a "piano cat" master piece... this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
P.s. did I mention I am awesome?

I think it’s time, we need to go on a cruise. It’s an addiction. We have never cruised in the summer months before so this would be a first. We need to find something quick because I am going crazy over here thinking of the relaxing bliss that awaits us. (Yes Mom, I know we were SUPPOSE to be going on a cruise with you guys at the end of this month, but had to cancel it- not by choice)

Now, I just need to win the lottery so I can quit my job to have time off…. so we can go. (sigh)


Lisette said...

That is so great that you have met wonderful people on each cruise you have gone on.
Now you really have to book your cruise! What a sweet friend you have. I hope you go and enjoy yourself.

Elena said...

That's awesome!!!


Maggie said...

That's so great! My parents meet people on every cruise they go on too! Cruises are a lot of fun! XO

Lauren said...

I say the four of us go on a cruise instead or in addition to your weekend in Tampa. Josh and I are so overdue for a quickie weekend cruise!

Anonymous said...

Laughing over here! I am glad you have the bug as bad as I do now! We are going to start looking for a June cruise for us to go on yay!!!! Get excited!!!