Monday, August 8, 2011

A day in the life of...

12 hours of work during the hours that most sleep is when I am racking in my dough, if you want to call it that. It's a job and a job I love so I have no complaints. But a lot of people wonder how a night shifter adjusts to a normal schedule on days off, especially with babies & kids thrown in the mix. So here you go. My version.
WOOO HOOOO! 6:23am and I am OUT! I leave when it's dark out, well at least at this time of year. It's my absolute favorite. I dread the time change that makes it lighter earlier because it makes falling asleep a little more annoying.
This morning it was raining when I walked through the parking lot and got in my car, I love stormy & rainy mornings. It just aids in my beauty sleep- HA!. Although, I felt bad for all the kids starting school today, especially the poor kids stuck at bus stops. 
 Despite the start of school this morning, our street seemed dead. Although, the downpour of the rain just started.
 I checked on the chunk, took a quick shower and hopped into bed and stole the sheets from the husband who was dead asleep. (Nice wife I am) I tweeted a bit, in fact I tweeted how I was going to sleep because the baby was fast asleep. 2 seconds later- I ate my words. Ever since this teething thing started, he sleeps no later than 7. Chris woke up with him so I could grab a few hours of sleep before I try to function the rest of the day. The last thing I want to do it waste the WHOLE day catching up on sleep. Yet, there are some mornings where we just have too much to do and that leads into one of those 24+ hour days, not that they come often- but they do.
 Chris and CC woke me up around 11. We hung around playing on in the living room. This kid is on the move, not only crawling but starting to pull up on the couch. Chris wanted to get out of the house so we decided to hit the mall. I had a few gift cards burning a hole in my purse and I needed to spend them before my ADD self forgets where I put them.
 Those shorts I bought at my biggest, size "well it doesn't matter" and they keep getting looser and looser. I'm sure one of these days they will fall off in the middle of Target while trying to carry CC, purse, bags and SLIP... I'm just waiting. It happens all the time at home. But I am being too stubborn to buy new ones until I get down to a size I'll stay at. Although, this is 18.5lbs down from the beginning of June- not too shabby. Yes, that is my cluttered & unorganized bathroom- enjoy.
 CC sported his new kicks from Aunt Monies, his fat little feet need size 4's in order to fit his foot. It's not that his feet are as long as a 4, just fat as a 4. 
 So a couple weeks ago, I dropped my iPhone for the 145,087,000th time and it finally took a hit. See those attractive spider web shattered cracks? I've actually gotten used to them, but I'm sure the next drop it will come shattering to pieces. I already assumed I would have to pay $200 to get a new phone but people at work kept saying to go in and put on a nice face and sometimes they just switch it out for you. HA! HA! HA!
After 30 minutes of waiting in line to put our name in for the Genius Bar while watching this kids underwear hang out, all I was offered was the $200 replacement. No, I just can't. It's like my 4th iPhone replacement that I have paid for. That brings the total cost of this stinking phone over the past 2 years to... way too much money. The lady told me I was being unsafe and I that she didn't feel comfortable having me leave with a cracked phone and offered to put MASKING TAPE on it. Freaking masking tape?! No, no thank you. I have a screen protector I would rather use or just switch to my old phone. Thanks Apple Lady for your generous masking tape offer. (Yes, I was a tad bitter- I was just too hopeful to get lucky and get a switch out or repair)

 So we set out to spend that $200 elsewhere...with my gift cards. I got fitted for new bras at VS, holy cow- having a baby changes those suckers! $100 later I have 2 super comfy new bras and a pretty classic pink and red bag.. OooooOoooo.... awesome. LOL

Chris drags me into Best Buy and attempts to convince me we need this, and that and CC wants this- "I swear he told me" AHHH

I spent my Bed Bath and Beyond card on some good quality sheets for our bed. I think it's the most I have ever spent on sheets and I am trying to rush through this stinking post so I can go sleep on my new sheets. They are SOOOOOO SOFT.  
 After a day of shopping in the Florida heat and drizzle, we stopped by our favorite sports bar for dinner. I cheated. I ate nachos, the cheesy goodness with BBQ pulled pork all over them. MmmMmMm. I blame Chris for ordering them as an appetizer, I told myself one bite. But that one bite led to another, to another and to 10 more. Oops.
 Home at last, relaxing together as a family watching TV and CC move ALL OVER THE PLACE. 
 CC fell asleep in Chris' arms around 9. This is quite possibly one of my favorite times of the day. When we wind down and have CC in our arms. 
One last show of Pawn Stars....
And BED! New sheets freshly washed and all. 
See how "eventful" my day is. It's 12:17am, I'm still pretty awake considering I only slept 3.5 hours but  I know I will pass out the second my head hits that pillow. I have the next few days off so it will be nice to be back on a normal person schedule. 


m&msmommy said...

He is SO absolutely precious!!! Just adorable!!! :)

I know I could never do night work, but I give so much credit to those that can. I'm sure you get used to it after awhile, but I need my beauty sleep! ;)

Hubby and I LOVE Pawn Stars! :)

*I'm not sure if I've ever commented, so if not, this probably sounds very random, but I have been following your blog for quite some time! :) *

Jill said...

Awe! I liked this post! As I do ALL of yours!

Ah, speaking of bras--I SO NEED SOME! I so would love to get fitted and get some awesome VS bras haha. I would love one of every color and kind! I only have two damn ones and one is from there but like 2 years old and its lost its oomp if you know what I mean! Ah maybe for a birthday gift ill treat myself there!?

Ah! So I happened to be running a few weeks ago with Sadie and the stroller and I just so happened to take off my otto box case and use another case my bf gave me. And As I was turning it took a FALL I picked it up and GASPED! Holy lord SPIDER WEB CITY! I about cried. So I happened to ask around and in the Broward mall there was a place in the middle a kiosk, that replaces things like that! It cost be only $80 if I wanted that day and $65 if the next. But you know me, I couldnt go without my phone. So I got it done and its as good as knew. I knew I could NOT afford A new iphone. So I am very pleased. You would think I would learn my lesson but I have the damn otto box off because it is just so damn ugly and bulky! I think I need to make a few small investments because I come crawling back to those guys at the mall again in tears!

Hope all is well with you Ash and fam! miss you guys and YOU LOOK GREAT! GO ASH! Ps. I think everyone needs to allow their self a "cheat" day once a week. I mean denying yourself all of that good food every single time? just no bueno lol. My sister lost 30 lbs and kept it off, shes tinier than me (whatt! ;( and she well she starves herself Id say which is NOT THE WAY TO GO. But come EVERY friday, she goes in for it, has a big cheat day anything and everything and gets back on it on Saturday. She has awesome will power, I couldnt do it lol. I keep wanting to try but FAIL miserably :*(

You honestly look awesome! Keep it up mama! Gotta visit soon, love to see your new house and all of you again! xoxox

Calvins said...

I've replaced my own iPhone screen 4 times (I've actually ran over my own phone...sad but true) You can order replacement screens on Amazon for less than $20. There are youtube videos with great directions and it's really not all too difficult.

Just sayin' :)

Jen said...

I totally love your blog. :)
You have a far more productive and exciting day than I do!
& as always, CC is just the cutest!

Lauren said...

Love your 'day in the life' type of post!

I'm Tiffany. said...

Ouch! Poor phone screen.

I've been through two rubber cases for mine and finally had to get rid of them because they were holding in grease (ew). Since then I've not only cracked the bottom of my pone where the USB cord gets plugged in, but I've got a teeny chip on the screen.

I've had it since 2008, so it's due to be replaced, but we keep waiting for that new iPhone version to come out.

Pam McBride said...

Omg I wanna punch the people who are like "I went to Apple and they just gave me a free phone!" Grrr! I got lucky one time when my iPhone screen broke because it was still under warranty. I put on my sweetest, innocent face and attitude...and I'm pretty sure I wore a cleavage shirt for those geeks. Lmao. But really the only reason I got lucky was due to the warranty. YOU really should not be allowed to own a phone (or camera for that matter - remember when Chris said they were comitting suicide?! Lmao!) that does not have an insurance option!! :) xoxo