Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stupid (*&% gecko

Seriously, gecko's aren't cute. It's not warm and fuzzy, it doesn't have a cute face, it's ugly, slimy and down right gross. Why in the hell does that insurance company use that stupid thing for their commercials anyways. 

A few days ago, a stupid brown green gecko made it's way into our house. I couldn't trap it and it ran under the couch, or somewhere in that vicinity. I got distracted in the mist of the action and started to do something else.

And until today, I actually forgot about it. Sad I know, I just didn't have it on my mind that this creepy slimy lizard thing was running rampant in our house. 

Today, that stupid thing claimed our couch as it's throne. Just like that. Moved in. Got comfy. I mine as well give it the damn remote control while we're at it. Once again, we failed at catching it- so now I am living upstairs for the night. I have absolutely no desire to share the couch with that thing. It will probably creep up behind me and lick my ear or something while watching last weeks Bachelor Pad. GROSS.

Wish me luck in tomorrow endeavours to find and trap this sucker. Oh I am sure he has invited his posse, considering I left the slider open after letting the dog out earlier. (bangs head on wall repeatedly)

With my luck, I'll wake up in the middle of the night by my lizard stalker staring my in my face. 


Brie said...

We don't have geckos, but when I was younger, we would occasionally get these snake like lizards my mom called "Weekels" in our house. She finally resorted to using a wet dry vac to vacuum them up out of wherever they were hiding, and would promptly empty it outside (we have a field of fruit trees she would empty it in). The vacuum didn't kill them, and kept her from having to beat it to death with a broom or, Heaven forbid...touch it...Good luck!

tiara said...

at least it's not one of the monitor lizards that used to try to break through the screens at my parents' house. so gecko's are to you what frogs are to my husband, lol.

LauraJane said...

At geckos the same as newts? I had a friend who had a newt as a kid, and I remember hearing that if they got scared they would leave their tails behind.. Don't know if that's true or not, but it's weird. Those newts were slimy (and were musty smelling, too). yuck.

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I've only joined as a "follower" of yours for a few months, but I've actually been around for a couple of years- since shortly after you lost Nolan. Not sure how I found you, but I'm glad I did...

And yes, the organ donation was something we were very happy to have been able to do.. To save another set of parents from this type of grief feels good.


Jen said...

This post made my Monday morning. You are so funny! Thank you!

We don't get geckos here, but I feel the same way about bugs that you do about geckos.

GL with catching it.

Tammy said...

My step grandmother has two as "pets" She lives on Oak Island in NC and keeps it around to eat bugs that get into the house. I never saw it when I stayed there or any other time I visited. I hear they tend to come out more at night. Good luck on catching it.

Nika M. said...

The lizards that lose their tails used to get into my friend Zack's house all the time when we were younger. I remember one day it was hiding in his shoes, and when he tried to put his shoe on, he let out the highest, girliest scream I've ever heard. Good times.

I guess I shouldn't have told you that. I don't want to scare you away from the shoes too.

Hope you get it out soon.