Monday, August 15, 2011

What kind of Mom am I?

What a loaded question. I can sit here behind the keyboard and tap out a perception of how I want you guys to see me and I can also let you use your imagination. I know when I read other blogs, I myself usually form an opinion or I tend to classify what kind of Mom they are and how I relate. It's inevitable in the blogging community and especially the mommy bloggers.

So I wonder... what kind of mom am I? Earthy? Perfectionist? Attached? Laid back?

Well here it is.

I am the Mom that wakes up, stumbles over dirty clothes to make it to the nursery.

I didn't find breastfeeding to have that bonding experience many spoke of, I instead played many levels of Angry Birds and perused FB. Maybe it's due to my lack of focus, I don't know. I lasted about 6 weeks before I busted out the formula with no shame. It was what was best for our family.

Oh and I can't forget the time I forgot to pay the power bill when he was 2 weeks old. That made for a long day.

I am the Mom who doesn't wash the pacifier off when it drops on the floor 95% of the time. Drop it on the Walmart bathroom floor- yes, of course I wash it off.

I tend to parent by the minute. I plan the things that don't really matter. I think months in advance about his Halloween costume or Birthday party. But I couldn't tell you what I am feeding him for dinner or when his next Dr's appointment is. Well, I know the month but I never know details until the Dr's office calls with the courtesy reminder. That thing was a savior when I was making weekly OB visits.

I'm the Mom that forgot wipes in the diaper bag one day. Ok, I didn't REALLY forget them, I just didn't feel like going back in the house to grab them considering we were running ONE- read that ONE- errand. Low and behold, he had a blow out. One where you have to roll the windows down. One where I was getting texts from Chris who was waiting in the parking lot while I ran into JoAnns begging me with all his mercy to come save him from the toxic fumes. You should have seen my face when I realized how bad it was and it was even worse when I chuckled through the "uhhhhh yeeeaaa, I didn't grab the wipes" That was a memorable moment. Although, I did use my resources and fixed him up and "saved the day"

I'm a Mom who feeds my kid baby food from a jar, I have yet to master the kitchen let alone organic pureed food. Fail. I'll be lucky to master the basics by time he starts eating real table food. Sloppy Joes for the 45th time, sure why not?!

I am a Mom who would rather play on the floor and get constant chuckles than make our bed or wash the floors. I start laundry and forget about it. I tend to do many double washes.

I'm guilty of turning on Elmo's World so I could unload the dishwasher. The kid has ADD built into his DNA, a little bit of a furry red puppet that talks in a high pitch voice is going to change that.

On the other hand, I am a Mom that takes every moment good and bad as a blessing. I thank up above that he is teething and wakes up 4 times a night. I look forward to early mornings when he starts to whimper and smiles when you go to get him. I wouldn't trade that moment every morning for the world.

I let him have licks of ice cream and frosting from my cake. I have a hard time letting him cry it out at nap time, those falling tears and red cheeks with the desperate look rips my heart in two. I'm a mom who sticks to a routine in terms of feeds and naps, it gives me control of something in my chaotic random ADD life.

I worry about things like his safety, future education, a roof over his head and food to put on the table. I won't fret over dirt and germs, it does the body good and he's a boy. Dirt is the definition of boys. I mean, I do have dirty geckos running around our house. (still haven't caught the sucker)

I see everyday as a blessing, as many of you do too. I complain and whine about a lot of things (ask Chris) and I am OCD about random things like tweezing my eyebrows. I don't wear make-up 75% of the time. I wait till there's nothing to wear until I do laundry. I use the dryer as an iron more often than not. I set reminders in my phone to pay bills so water and electric doesn't get shut off.!I'm so NOT perfect. I laugh at my mistakes.I know there's other things that are more important to me, like CC. Spending time with him, enjoying the good and the bad.
So if that means I need to unload the dishwasher, go ahead, watch Elmo baby boy- Big bird had me counting to 10 before all my friends. It's gotta be good for something.

And that's me in a nutshell. Simple, laid back and most of all random.

After proof reading this... I sure do sound like a whack that lives in a pig sty and doesn't pay her bills and lets CC play in dirt and not bath him while I am wearing a mumu, rollers in my hair and no make-up. HA!

Disclaimer: I in no way judge ANY type of parenting. Unless your driving with your kids unbuckled and leaving them home alone in a crib while you go out clubbing... then I judge.


Amy said...

I LOVE your honesty! It was like I was reading a passage of my life.

Jen said...

Oh my goodness-I am confident we can all see ourselves in this story!

I forget laundry all.the.time! Drives my husband nuts! :)

Kimberly said...

Love this post! You don't sound like a wack at all - as far as the waiting until you absolutely need to do laundry and using the dryer as in iron I am the exact same way :) Loved the line about Elmo and ADD hahaha :) And I think from about 6 months on I never even brought a diaper bad anywhere haha opps! Love the honesty Ash!


Stephanie said...

Yup, you are me. I am you.

Katie Hale said...

I am exactly the same. I think there are more moms than we think that are the same. Right now I am in the throws of the terrible twos and these are the words I live by, "pick your battles". She wants to wear her bike helmet in the house, push the cat around in her play stroller or wear her favorite Elmo pajama top in public? I say go ahead! I will save the battles for when it really counts.

♥Sarah♥ said...

Its simple your a mom...

Stephanie and Ryan said...

Love this! I laughed out loud. I am pretty much guilty of 90% of that as well. ;-)

Ashley said...

totally felt like I was reading my own 'mom type'.... LOVE IT! So many mom's out there are 'perfect' mom's, and it gets daunting/intimitating... I'd rather have a messy house because I played with my child, than a perfectly kept house and a child that hasn't had fun with me... :) Keep up the GOOD work!

Jilean said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post... I could've written it myself :)

Jody Moseng said...

Kinda freaky it was like you were posting about my life, although I do the bills because I MUST be in charge.. but I couldnt even tell you the color of carpet in my bedroom ( my son thinks it is fun to jump in the piles of clothes) I always just sucked on the pacifier before putting it back in his mouth. I tried to do breastfeeing to lose weight , that too didnt work, but glad I tried it for 6 weeks.... I am pretty sure that at least 80% of us are exactly like you and very BLESSED at our miricles and spending time with our babies and children are way more imporatant so you my dear are not alone!

Shannon said...

I am totally this Mom also. Especially with the addition of another child. Everything is 100% me except for the ADD part :) I think most Moms are this way. Both kids only had baby food out of a jar, Mcdonald's drive thru on nights that I don't have time to cook of feel like it, my son would be anorexic if it weren't for Hot dogs and waffles. We do what we can do. My kids are happy, clean, loved and well taken care of. That is all that matters!

Abigail said...

I seriously love your honesty! I wish more moms would be this open (at least in my circle of friends) because honestly I think being this blunt would help others in the same situation feel "normal". I love that I have at least 1 true friend who I can say anything to ( like you just did in this post) and not be judged. I think you are amazing and I think both your sons Nolan & CC are extremely proud of you from heaven & here on Earth!!! Heck I am proud of you as well!!! My one hope is that one of these days I get to meet you! You have helped me tremendously! I think it is important for me to share that with you!! I am not a perfect mom but I can at least admit when I am wrong and I always am open to suggestions and try it out and see if that will work for mr and my family!!! XxOo

Krystle said...

I thought of you today, I was driving and realized my gas light was on. I don't know WHEN it came on, (yesterday, today/when I left my house/when I left my gramma's house).

I kind of flipped out..but remained fairly calm lol.

I made it to the gas station though!

I think you are a wonderful mom, and CC could not grow up with a more loving & deserving family if he tried.

H said...

Love this post because it sounds like me! Ha! Its so good to hear that you are a normal down to earth momma...because honestly life is to short to be nothing but laid back....I am a working mom but even if i was a stay at home mome I can't say the results would be any different....its OK to double wash and use the dryer as an iron...I do it you go girl!

m&msmommy said...

Great post! Sounds a lot like me in many regards! :) It's nice to see a blogger being honest about things instead of trying to make everything SO "rainbows and sunshine"! :)

Holly said...

I think we all need post like this to be real! :)

val said...

Thank you for your honesty! I have done almost everything you have & trust me the kids are fine!

TanaLee Davis said...

Your my kinda Laundry....ha! I forget all the time and who says you can't wear that shirt twice?

Jamie Boyle said...
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Lynn said...

I am so happy that I found your blog! I chuckled at so many parts of this because most mothers won't confess to such "faults." I believe that most mothers have this idea of what they should be and let people believe that of them, but in reality we are so scared to let people in on our "little secret," of not being perfect, that we are fake sometimes. You are what you are, and for that your child will love you so much!! Great post!