Monday, August 1, 2011

Diet quitter & playdates, oh my!

I love blogging at 5am in the morning while the baby is still sleeping, the house is quiet and the light from the baby monitor was just enough to see my keyboard. We had a busy day planned and feeling asleep wasn't in the cards. I tried after I clicked 'publish', I managed to crawl back in bed around 6am hoping to get some shut eye before the sun came up. CC had a different plan, so off our day started. 

Mornings around here are pretty routine. It's either Chris or I starting breakfast, depending on who is working that night- if at all. Since Chris was working, I woke up with the chunk and started our day. He's a fan of oatmeal and fruit in the morning. What am I kidding, how do I know he's a fan? Oh, wait... maybe it's the constant excitement between every spoonful this kid puts off.
"Mmmmmm mmmm mmmm (hands reaching for more, fat little legs kicking) Mmmmm Mmmm"
I swear, this kid could put away a McDonalds Big Breakfast if I let him. We usually hang out in the living room watching one of the news stations, thank god for the wheels on the high chair. 

As for me, my breakfast consisted of a low carb protein shake and some turkey sausage. What happened to Nutrisystem you may ask? 


I gave up. I loved the program, I really did. The food was pretty good, I was never hungry but I wasn't losing the weight I expected. On top of that, I made it too easy to cheat. Right, stupid excuse I know. But paying $300+ for food each month with a lack of will power made it a waste of money for myself. Chris on the other hand dropped weight the entire month, something like 30 lbs. Freaking men. Me on the other hand, I was down 5.5, 2.1... then I gained, lost gained... but no consistency (yes, blog commenter of the past- I was still as large as a house, or whatever you compared me too- A-hole).  

So I went back to what I knew worked. On July 4th I made a 90 day commitment (best friends wedding is in Oct) to a no-carb diet. So far so good, I am down 17.5lbs since starting Nutrisystem and 12lbs of that being from no carbs since I quit NS. 

Not too shabby huh? I just want to be healthy again. I'm 4lbs away from what I weighed in at my 6 week pregnancy app with CC.

 Isn't this just the sweetest thing in the world? I needed Chris to wake up and watch him for awhile while I cleaned up the house before CC's lady friends showed up for their play date. I came back into our bedroom to find this. Melted my heart.
 CC had his two lady friends over for a play date, we hung out in CC's new play room aka the loft. It's nothing spectacular but it will be when I am done with it. Gate, gates and more gates will complete this little nook of mine. The afternoon was spent talking babies, nursing, parenting, sleep, drool, poop... oh yes... It feels so good to be able to talk all this. I am finally a Mom that gets to FEEL like the Mom I have been for 2 years. Who knew talking dirty diapers would give me a smile on my heart? 

It's going to be a long night. I'm not tired and my ADD mind is wandering to 1,000 different places. I need to work on CC's baby book but while doing that I get distracted by blogging as I am now. I have a few blogs I want to catch up on, maybe clean the kitchen considering the computer is in the kitchen and I am staring at the mess as I type. I'm getting hungry but I am kinda of proteined out and I have no crab friendly snacks in the house. As I said... lots of things to be distracted by. Such is life.

Oh and P.S. I am crying over here reading my friends FB updates about Blogher 2011. It wasn't in the cards for this year considering I wanted to go to our 10 year reunion instead. BUT next year... I'M GOING! Not that I have a choice, Diane already said she is kidnapping me. LOL


erin. said...

LOVE all the great photos of your day with CC!!! I was just thinking of trying Nutrisystem so I'm glad I read your post. I will definitely have to try something new. Hope you have a great Tuesday!! :)

Kimberly said...

Sounds like you are doing awesome with the weight loss! Keep up the good work Ashley! Not to bash Nutrisystem, but a coworker lost a ton of weight on it, but gained it all back and more after she quit. So I think its better to learn to eat "real food" in the real world anyways. Its not fair how quick guys can lose it - Eric lost 30lbs this month too!

Abigail said...

Way to go on losing the weight on NS & on your own as well! That is awesome! I seriously love all the pics you capture and share w/ us all!!

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

At the airport, reading your blog, swooning over how cute CC is, having ::headexplosions:: as I see myself on here!! And yes. You're coming to BlogHer next year. I'll fly down there and take you myself.

Maybe it'll be close to you!