Friday, May 8, 2009

It CAN get worse, but maybe better

Just got home from the hospital, yes, we had to go back. I noticed I had felt NO movement from him since last night. I had a strong cramp/contraction this morning and I was worried since he would not move all day. I went ahead and called the OB who made me hang up and call Fetal Maternal right away. They wanted to to come in right away to check for a heart beat.

The worst 30 minute drive ever.

He is still in there with a beating heart...152 bpm. Thank God! The Dr we saw yesterday came back in to talk to us and semi answered a few questions.

She is preparing us for the worst but wanting us to hope for the best. She kept stressing how important being around Chris and my family right now. She said she can see that I have accepted our situation but I need to let my heart accept it and thats the hard part.

So I went ahead and asked:

Is there a possibility he can be born healthy, maybe get a growth spurt sometime soon and the results come back negative? Yes, miracles happen every day she explained. But on the other hand she went on to say I am at a very very high risk for him to pass while still inside me sometime soon or in a few weeks.

Is he growing or did he stop growing? She said it looks like he stopped growing at 18 weeks, but she isn't sure if he is still growing slowly and she will know more when she can do another ultrasound on the 19th.

What is going on with the heart? She thinks she sees something but doesn't want to cross that bridge until we know what the amnio results. I think she knows I know too much about medical stuff and maybe she doesnt want to get me worried about something that we might not even get to that bridge.

Lastly I asked about my low amniotic fluid, I know mine was under 8.5 3 days ago, and the tech told me I was 11.6 yesterday. I was so excited that all the water I drank helped. The Dr said the u/s tech was being very generous with that number and mine is still very low. Damn Damn Damn.

So we left there knowing the next 2 days (weekend) will be the longest weekend EVER. The Dr expects to have preliminary results on Monday afternoon. So hopefully we will know what path will soon to be crossed by then.


Morgan said...

I'm glad the heartbeat is still there. Hopefully this weekend will not involve any more trips to the hospital. :(

Wendy said...

Glad to hear the heartbeat is still strong. Gavin's was always around that #, sometimes lower. I've been thinking of you guys and will keep you and baby in my prayers. Easier said than done, but try not to stress out too much this weekend.

Patsy said...

My heart goes out to you two... I cried reading the web page... but Above all you must keep their faith... keep praying and ask other to bind with you in prayer believing that God and heal that baby before he is ever born... We know God can perform miracles and so we must believe together in faith that he will perform a miracle for this couples baby boy too.

We had a baby last year that had a hole in its heart and God healed that baby before birth... It does happen. Believe, pray and ask others for prayer. I will ask our church to put your family and baby on our prayer list and we will believe that God will touch and heal this little boy In Jesus’ name... it will be done! Amen!!

PS I am Truitte (TM) White's mother and he sent me this and ask us to pray for ya'll

Laura said...

miracles do happen! my prayers will be with your baby boy, you and Chris! ***HUGS***

Ashley said...

Miracles happen everyday lady! You're strong, little Baby D is too. All my thoughts are with you and your family.