Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I wish I could say my "first' Mother's Day was spent under better terms and not so much worry and anxiety but we're still praying for the best tomorrow. But the best Mother's Day present was a kick from our son this morning, just a sign he's still fighting in there.

Chris woke up and made me my favorite breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, yum!! My mom wanted to make sure we did what I wanted to do, I laughed because it's always been the other way around. I honestly didn't feel like going out so instead we rented movies and sat around in our pajamas.

Tomorrow is the day were suppose to get a call from the Dr letting us know preliminary results from the amniocentesis. It's going to be a long night full of worry. Chris has been giving nightly pep talks to him telling him to drop and give him 50 (push-ups). I'm hoping he listens and gets a growth spurt to show the Dr he's just a little procrastinator and doesn't have a chromosomal abnormality. The heart problem can be addressed but I just want to get through this first bridge.

Thank you everyone for all the thoughts and prayers sent our way. We also appreciate all the prayer requests & prayer chains sent to your churches. We just have to keep thinking miracles happen everyday. I hope our baby is one of them and proves our Dr wrong.

Again, Happy Mother's Day.


Alleigh said...

Hopefully the doctor will call today with positive results.


Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

sending prayers your way.....

Kimberly said...

Ashley, I've been praying for good amnio results for you guys. I hope you guys get some positive news today. (((hugs)))