Friday, May 22, 2009

Nothing new

Nothing new has really gone on in the past week, which is actually a good thing. I went back to work on Wed night and for once I was happy to be back working. It was nice to see everyone and have them all comment on my growing belly, which by the way keeps getting bigger. Hopefully it means this lil booger is growing too. Oh and...this baby still has NO keep the suggestions coming.

We went to Babies R Us to start our registry tonight. It's semi overwhelming so we only did some major stuff and I'll add the small things later after we decide what bottles, pacifiers and ect. that we want. My family still plans on having a baby shower June 20th..hopefully this baby boy decides to wait longer than 27 weeks to make his apperance.

Yes Mom, I promise to add a belly picture and his last ultrasound picture sometime this weekend. I tried taking a belly picture tonight, but I didn't look too hot after the Florida rain shower. We have another ultrasound next Monday so Ill have her give us another video of it so I can share it again.

Alright, I'm off to research more baby stuff.


The Carlson's said...

So I just happen to read your blog and saw that you registered at Babies R Us!! I saw on your registry that you had on there Happy Baby Organic Banana Puffs, I actually help my dad package those.We do over 120,000 containers a month!

Ashley & Chris said...

That is too funny! Chris was in charge of the registry gun and he wanted to put those on there. He said they probably taste good. Hes so random.