Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Good News

First off, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, for all the prayers, thoughts and cupcakes (thanks Ash) sent our way. They truly seem to be working, so keep them up.

We were suppose to have 2 Drs appointments this morning, on with our normal OB and one with the fetal specialist. Our baby is still growing, measuring about 21 weeks, so 2 weeks behind, but he IS still growing. He still has a strong heartbeat and was moving all over the place. The u/s tech said she only notices a enlarged left atrium with his heart so she said the cardiologist will take a deeper look into that. BUT, she did say she does not notice any major structure defects such as Transposition of the great arteries or Tetralogy of Fallot.... So that's a good thing.

We then went to meet with one of our favorite OB's from our practice, she said the good thing is he is growing and hasn't given up yet. She tried to call down to the fetal specialist to get my results but they would not give them to her so I was going to have to wait until 12:15 to get the darn results. She did say she is going to recommend seeing a different perinatologist in Sarasota due to my awful experience at the one we went to. She also said patients are very happy witht he one in Sarasota.

She said her main concern is getting this baby to the right point for delivery. She said typically with heart defects they want the baby to grow and stay in the womb as long as possible so that way the baby is strong enough to handle surgeries and interventions. BUT, since our little man is so tiny, she said they have to be ready to deliver him early because sometimes they do better outside the womb as far as growing and feeding. So she said with the NEW perinatologist & pediatric cardiologist they will calaborate a delivery plan. She said I will most likely be starting steroid shots for the babies lung maturity soon. My ultrasounds are now every 2 weeks to monitor his size and growth, so hopefully he keeps growing.

We then ran down to the fetal specialist and begged them to give me the results to the amnio early so we didn't have to wait until 12:15. We had no plans on ever going to this Dr again so no reason to go to the appointment today, even our OB agreed. They had no problem and the nurse came to give us the results...

So we ran upstairs to show Dr F, and she was soooo excited and she said our main focus now is the heart and a delivery plan. I'm so happy to be under some of the best caring OB's. I have full faith in thier work and trust everything they do.

I can not even tell you how happy Chris and I were when we left Healthpark today. I feel like a HUGE weight was lifted off our shoulders. We are so thankful for everyones prayers, they really seem to be working. Our baby is a fighter and I know he will be our little miracle.

I'm off to take a much deserved nap and will post his ultrasound picture later.


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Kimberly said...

Great news Ash! All those prayers are working. I am so happy for you guys and will continue to pray for your little man.

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

That is such great news!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Patricia said...

Thank You Jesus... Praise the Lord.... Keeping you all 3 in our prayers at our church in LaBelle!!!
We believe in miracles and your little one will be a proven one!!
Lots of praise and prayer!!
May God Bless..

Patsy White

Laura said...

wonderful news! SO happy to hear!! =)