Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More answers

We had another Dr's appointment today but today it was with our normal OB and not the specialist. It was a last minute appointment they called and asked if I wanted to come in to discuss what has happened in the past week. So of course we didn't turn that down. The only Dr they could get me into was one I haven't seen yet, so she had to go over my whole chart and start from the beginning.

We were finally able to get a more clear picture on what is going on with our baby. She believes his size is due to the unknown heart defect we were earlier informed of. She did go over some of the structure of the defect which made sense why he would be small, the heart is not supplying enough oxygen to the tissues to grow appropriately. She said her main concern is getting our baby big enough and viable to under-go surgery. She also said our goal is to make it to 32 weeks and then deliver. She said he will most likely need intervention but until we know what it is exactly we are in a waiting game. She is referring me to a pediatric cardiologist for a 2nd opinion on top of the fetal maternal specialist. She wants a pediatric cardiologist to do an echo of the heart because he is only going to look at the heart and not all the chromosomal mess that FMS is looking at. She assured me that she is sending me to a WONDERFUL cardiologist.

This news brought us hope. We have a very long road ahead of us and she said we will be taking it one week at a time. She also said we might not even deliver him at our hospital, she said she might have to send us to another state to see the right team of Doctors to take care of him. So our goal is to fatten him up, make him grow and keep him tugging along as long as we can so that way when he is born he can survive such a surgery. I am still considered very high risk due to him having a poor heart and still at high risk for him not making it to delivery.

Please keep the prayers coming, we appreciate any and all that our sent our way.

On another note, Chris swears my belly has really grown the past few days. So hopefully he got the hint to start growing bigger. He has been very active the past 2 days, so maybe he's getting his exercise and he's catching up on size a little bit.


Kimberly said...

That's good news Ash! Grow baby grow!

Laura said...

i'm so happy to read this update! I will continue praying that your lil guy fights and grows stronger! It sounds like you have a GREAT time of doctors too! *HUGS*

Sara said...

Sounds like your doctors are really looking out for you and the baby. This appointment sounds more reassuring. Please keep us posted!

Tania said...

C'mon girl! You can't say that your belly has gotten bigger and then not post a picture! I'm so glad to hear about the good news.

Katy said...

Keep growing Baby D!!! I'm so glad you have some more answers.

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

I will continue to send prayers your sounds like your doctors are really taking good care of you guys too!