Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prayers Please

So today was our follow up appointment to the last we had 3 weeks ago where my Dr told us about the baby measuring very small in the 8th percentile. She said it could be b/c of a few reasons. She also thought the baby was still due for a growth spurt and wanted me to come back in 3 weeks to re-evaluate. (Last appointment post is a few posts down)

Well, it didn't go too well. I was pretty confident going into the appointment because the lab had called back early last week to say my blood draws were all negative. And since the baby had really started kicking this week I wasn't too worried going into today's appointment.

The ultrasound went okay, he was turned with his back to us as usual and she did some measurements but still couldnt get the heart. So she sent me walking for 30 minuets to get him to move. That didnt work. Then I thought it would help to put my iphone to my belly with Bob Marley on to get him moving- it worked, the u/s tech couldnt believe it.

So the resuts...
Baby is now measuring 5th percentile vs 3 weeks ago at the 8th percentile
He is only in the 3rd percentile for weight
Dr is sending me to Fetal Maternal Monitoring...tomorrow at 315 to do a whole bunch more ultrasounds, and measure heart

Possible Reasons for his small size:
Chromosomal Abnormailty
Placental issue and he isnt getting enough perfusion to help him grow
Low amniotic fluid causing baby to curl up due to pressure on the baby (my amniotic fluid is
even lower than last appointment)
Heart defect (will evaluate tomorrow)

He said the positive thing is everything else in my scan looks normal and blood draws are normal, but he said tomorrows appointment will give us a better look. Then I go back to get another u/s with my OB and follow up appointment again in 2 weeks.

So today sucks, I left in tears (again)...Im calling off of work tonight because I dont think I would be very effective with all this on my mind. It's a lot of information to take in and it's a little overwhelming. My mom is the BEST, after calling her in tears she called me back minutes later to tell me she has a plane tickets to be here tomorrow for my appointment. I feel so guilty, I didnt even ask her to come... but I guess her being a mother she is hurting just as much as I am.

So I am asking for A LOT of prayers that everything is okay and baby is just a small baby.


Azull said...

Oh Ashley I can understand the tears, i'd be so scared too.

I hope you get some more concrete answers tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
:::::nestie vibes::::::

Morgan said...

Oh honey, I'll be thinking of you and baby constantly. I'm glad your mom is coming, that's fantastic.

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

I am so sorry that this is happening & I will be sending my thoughts & prayer to you & your family!!

tiara said...

i had an appointment with them today (at the cape office) and they're really great. let me know how it goes. good luck tomorrow.

Laura said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Ashley. *HUGS* My thoughts and prayers are with you and your lil guy. that is wonderful your mom will be with you as well.

Mrs. G said...

My thoughts are with you and your little guy. I will be praying for his health.

Sara said...

Sending lots of :::VIBES::: for a healthy baby boy and that the test results come back positive. I'm so glad your mom is flying in to be with you.

Nicole said...

Ashley, I will be sending lots of vibes your way and keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!!!

I hope you guys get some answers tomorrow. I will thinking about yall.

kristinemarie7 said...

So sorry to hear, Ashley. many ::vibes:: for you.

Amy said...

Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way.