Friday, May 29, 2009

24.5 weeks & Belly Pic

I think I am growing, so Valorie had to compare with a beach ball.
I have noticed I'm starting to get the "pregnancy face" Ahhh the joys.

We went to a Margaritaville Birthday party last night that Valorie threw for her boyfriend Travis. We had a good time, but after being on my feet for 2 days in a row, I sure felt the effects this morning. My darn ankles disappeared. LOL

Not much else is new, just waiting for all our Doctor appointments this week and hoping we get some good news. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers you guys keep sending. We appeciate it so much!


With a smile....Dannie said...

holy cow youve gotten big!! and i say that in the best possible way-- go baby d!!

Katy said...

He's definitely, definitely still growing. yay!!!

Laura said...

your lil guy is growing! you look great Mama! =)