Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mail Day

Thank you Huggies, Gerber & Enfamil for sending me your stupid coupons, congratulation cards and constant reminders of your new products. Oh and don't forget stupid Babies R Us and their daily junk mail. Why don't these places have an "emergency cancel" option for Mom's like us. I just don't get it. I have cancelled anything I had signed up for, but of course it still finds it's way to our mailbox. The ones I hate are the ones that say, congrats on your recent baby who is now 2 months old!

STOP, please just STOP! I hate checking them mailbox now. I can seriously go for days and not check it. It drives Chris nuts, but it gives me too much anxiety.

On top of this, I got more medical bills in the mail and new ones at that. Yup, the amniocentesis bill FINALLY showed up. For awhile there I thought we got luck and insurance covered most of it. Boy do I have that wrong. The bill is bigger than my C-section co-pay!

I am just SO OVER this nightmare and ready for it to be over.


Kimberly said...

That sucks Ashley. No other way to put it. So sorry :(

Toi said...

I'm sorry. You should not have to deal with that. There should be something you can do to stop receiving those though.

jamie said...

I cancelled everything too - and still receive things saying your baby is 8 weeks old today! really?!! The hubby has to get the mail most days - I could car less to see what kind of baby related sadness is in there.

Now I am checking the mail obsessively though because I am waiting for the updated benefits package from work and really really really hope my insurance doesn't have deductibles now :(

Bills and baby stuff- if that doesn't make you feel bad I don't know what would :(

Brie said...

Ahh, Ashley..I'm with you. I got a box of Enfamil in the mail last week and was like, uhm...thanks but no thanks.

I sent an email to babies r us to get me off their mailing list, yet I still receive things in the mostly.

Hang in there. One foot in front of the other is how I have been able to get through my days.

Thank you also to you, and the many other blogs I read..that help me feel so not alone in this walk.

Rachel H. said...

Thinking of you...I can't imagine how you are feeling getting things in the mail that are a daily reminder of what you should have right now. Continued prayers for you!

Mrs. Mother said...

Those are the worst. I also cancelled everything, and I still got them. Don't be surprised if you get one later that says something about your nine month old. I got it out of the blue one day and was just thrown into shock. Big hugs to you.

ryansmom said...

You are so right about the baby junk mail. One day I got so fed up that I wrote my baby had died and sent it back to the company. OR how about when the hospital screws up and sends you a new medical card. Needless to say, the hospital didn't receive a pleasant call that day. Sometimes its too overwhelming to bare. Hang in there. Hugs.