Friday, January 8, 2010


7 Good Memories of June 8th 2009 for the 7 months old Nolan would be if he was still here.

1. I remember calling my Mom and Dad from Pre-op to tell them we picked a name. Ok, ok.. more like Chris gave into my Mom and I's favorite name, Nolan. He caved when I was balling my eyes out because we didn't have a name for our baby that wasn't suppose to even be here for another 4 months. Any w
ho, I just remember my Mom & Dad being SO happy. Man did Nolan live up to his name, little fighter.

2. I remember while I was waiting in Pre-OP, Nolan kicked me SO HARD, it was like a reassurance he was going to fight. It was the first time I had felt him kick in a few days, it was the best feeling especially when I was used to feeling him kick ALL the time.

3. I remember hearing Nolan squeak. It was short lived, but he squeaked- meaning I heard my baby cry. Something I will never ever take for granted.

4. I remember when the delivery nurse in the OR came over to tell me that Nolan's APGARS were 8 & 8 which then Dr Fish said, well darn Ashley, that's better than some of my full term babies. That's right, Nolan had to show him how strong he was
and it was my very first proud moment.

5. I remember meeting Nolan for the very first time. I was pretty drugged and they took me strait to the NICU from post-op, so my memories are fading as time passes. But I do remember them rolling my stretcher into the NICU and parking me next to Nolan for a few minutes. I don't remember what I said or what Chris and I talked about, but I remember taking this picture. Weird huh? This was the FIRST picture I took of him, just an hour after he was born.

6. I remember how excited Chris was. He was showing off all the pictures from the camera to everyone that visited and told every detail of Nolan. How perfectly small he was to how much he looked like us. It melted my heart.

7. I remember showing off every single picture on my laptop to every single nurse, tech, Doctor, family, friend, RT friends that were working that day. If you walked in our room, you met Nolan via laptop. I was just so proud of him.

Happy 7 month Birthday in Heaven little guy. I love you!


cathy said...

Ashley.. I LOVE this post. You are an amazing mom. I pray everyday for peace and health for you and Chris and future mini's. I pray that Nolan is watching over your family and letting you all know that he is happy and peaceful.. and watching out for a lil bro or sis :)


Shelli said...

Ashley, I know that Nolan is definitely looking down from Heaven and loving He knows he has the best parents in the world and he'll be watching over you and your family.

Ashley R said...

Such a sweet little man.

Brie said...

Happy Birthday Nolan!

Holly said...

Happy 7 month bday Nolan!! Thank you for sharing these memories!

Mitzi G.!! said...

What a great post & thank you so much for sharing it with us.......Happy 7 Nolan!

ryansmom said...

Adorable picture of your precious little fighter, Nolan. That was good to have a camera with you when you went from post op to the NICU. I remember being wheeled in there just like you described. The nurses were talking to my husband and I but all I could do was stare at my little guy in amazement.

Jessica said...

Happy Seven Months Nolan!!

Ashley, such a beautiful post and such beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing. *hugs*

Bluebird said...

Holy cow, that picture just made me fall apart. How perfectly precious. Wonderful photo, mama :)