Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions & Goals

Yup, every single year everyone does it. Expect to see a million people at the gym and grocery lines filled with healthy bites, but come Jan 31st it all dissipates...well most of it. I am guilty of it, healthy eating, exercising, stop biting my nails, ect ect. And within the first week, I forgot what I even set out to do. So this year I am making goals vs resolutions, aren't they pretty much the same thing anyways?
So here we go...

Ashley's 2010 Goals

  • Start working on some NICU projects I have in mind, this may take some time and may have to wait until Chris and I have a baby to bring home. I need to find that inner strength first to walk back into the NICU let alone the hospital it's in.
  • Become crafty. So many blogs are devoted to DIY projects and home decor crafts and I'm itching to learn it all!
  • Have a healthy pregnancy and make it past 26 weeks without getting sick and having a baby with no IUGR. (Gosh I wish this was the easy one)
  • Maintain a healthy diet and start to exercise on a regular basis.
  • Grow in my faith, have more trust and let God lead me.

I want this year to be about something good, something desired, something new. I want to become a better wife, clean more, cook more (I think I need to learn to cook first) and all around be a happier wife. I want to embrace the time we have as just us (since we were given no choice). Even though we are 110% ready to give our lives to a child, I know one day when that baby has colic 12 hours of the day, we're working full time and trying to keep things together, we will look back and realize how precious this time as 'us' really does matter. Even if that 'us' time is during a 8 month pregnancy- I'm 100% content.

So what is your 2010 goal?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't have written that post any better myself. I am focusing on basically what you referred to in your post. 2010 is my year for a fresh start...a fresh chance at what I hope will be happiness by the end of the year.

Franchesca Cox said...

I hope your goals are met, and that in the mean time you enjoy the time you and your husband have. I guess one of my goals is also to be a happier wife. I don't even realize it then I let something small ruin the day or something. Best wishes as you face the new year.


Bluebird said...

Makes sense to me!

Kiley Anderson said...

Ashley, I have been reading your blog since April and have finally found the courage to write! It's hard to believe someone so young, I think younger than me (I'm 26) has suffered so much pain in her short life. You've inspired me in many ways and I just wanted to say that I have been praying for you and your family and I also hope all your goals are met and 2010 is your best year yet! God Bless =)

Holly said...

Hoping all of your goals are achieved!!