Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Cruise: Long overdue!

So I started this post one night and I totally forgot about it. I have been meaning to post about our cruise back in Dec. Gosh darn me. So here we go.

Our cruise left from Ft Lauderdale on the Ruby Princess, the same ship that we were married on just a year ago. It was nice to go back on the ship and have so many GOOD memories to think about. We went and had a drink out on the deck we were married on. So we set sail for Princess Cays Bahammas. We went to the beach and I wrote Nolan's name in the sand.Chris & I sailing away!

Trying to get Nolan's name in the sand in Princess Cays, Bahamas

Waking up in St Kitts

Acting like a fool in St Kitts
The Ruby docked in Antigua

We went to a fun beach in Barbados. They had this swing and I just HAD to jump of it!

In St Lucia we went on an all day excursion with Cosol Tours. It was absolutely amazing! We went to a banana plantation, had lunch over looking the ocean from a mountain top, saw a beautiful waterfall, an active volcano, took a water taxi to a beach in between The Pitnons and on top of all that had free beer and rum punch ALL DAY! I will admit we were feeling pretty toasty by the end of the day. We met some awesome new friends and had an absolute blast. I have to say, we look forward to going back to St Lucia one day!

Banana Plantation

At the beach in between the Pitnons

Trying to win at Bingo to pay off our cruise tab! Too bad it didn't work.

Getting crazy in Antigua with awesome new friends

Dinner at the Crown Grill on formal night.

So this is only half of the pictures and since blogger is a pain when it comes to adding pictures, I will make this part I of our cruise post.


The Blue Sparrow said...

Aww it looks like you had a great time! You guys are so darn cute! Man I could use a cruise vacation myself, color me green with envy ;P

The Science of Brittany said...

Ashley, you're pictures are too funny! I am glad you and your hubby had a great trip! You two certainly deserved it! Can't wait to see more in Part II!

ryansmom said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time. I've never been on a cruise before but you and Chris make it look like a lot of fun. Maybe I'll have to try it sometime.

cmatsukes said...

It looked like you had a great time I can not wait till our cruise now coming up in Feb I booked that same tour you went on in St. Lucia. Please post more pics when you can.

asdlkjasf said...

hey i'm new to your blog but i was just wondering what kind of camera you have and what lenses u use? thanx!!! ur pics are awesome