Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Duggars


I hate that word, HATE IT!

And as all you know, Michelle Duggar just went through this with #19, Josie at 25 weeks. Her story is so close to mine and all other mothers who have experienced this awful disease. It's a deadly and silent disease that claims the lives of so many mothers and babies.

(Nolan's birth story here)

Josie's emergent arrival will be shown on 19 Kids and Counting: Special Duggar Delivery
tomorrow night covering the birth of this baby and the awful disease preeclampsia. Just watching the previews makes my eyes water up. The fear in Jim Bob's voice and the urgentness surrounding Michelle brings me back to the morning of June 8th.

I am undecided about watching it or not. Although, I am so excited that they are allowing TLC to cover this allowing to give more awareness to Pre-e, but it will be personally emotional to watch it.

Thankfully, their lil micro-preemie, only a little bit bigger than Nolan is striving in the NICU and has a hopeful and positive outcome. Thank the lord. I just wish I had the same story and Nolan could have done the same.

I guess I just don't understand why me? Why did we end up here? How could preeclampsia strike a healthy young women (me)? It goes to show you how serious this disease is and how much more awareness needs to be done. Seriously, I never knew what it was until the week before Nolan was born.

So to the Pre-e Moms, are you going to watch this?

Niki, a fellow pre-e Mom and mother to Myles just gave birth via surrogate(her cousin) to 2 beautiful and healthy baby boys! Niki is the FIRST person I connected with after we lost Nolan. I met her through the foundation and her son Myles had a strikingly similar story to Nolan.
So congrats Niki! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am for you!
To visit her blog go here : My Journey to Myles & Beyond


Lisa said...

As a Pre-e Mommy I will not watch the show. I personally don't like the Duggars, they freak me out. I'm constantly asking myself that same questions. Why me? Why my baby? I went back and reread your delivery post and it is so similar to mine. I even convinced myself that Jasper was over 500 grams and they where lieing to me.

Saffy said...

I wouldn't be able to sit thru it ;) In saying that tho, anything that raises the awareness of PE in the community is a good thing. Until I was sick in the hospital I hadn't heard of PE - I know I was a bit naive, but seriously, how many healthy young pregnant women really do know about it?

And isn't that just the most wonderful news for N&J (and of course clever K)?!!! :)

cmatsukes said...

I think someone it trying to tell the duggers something maybe this is enough your body needs to rest Michelle Dugger although I hope the baby will live and be ok most likely she will have alot of problems and the Duggers should concentrate on that and the Kids that are here alreday instead I heard say there maybe a 20th Dugger come on take stock with what you have and count your blessings, Josie is going to need alot more of your attention now. Just my thoughts.

ryansmom said...

I'm thankful the show will be shedding some light on Pre-e but as far as watching it absolutely NOT. I don't agree with the Duggars having that many kids. I know it's your right as a US citizen but in my opinion they are abusing it. It makes me sick because there are so many people like myself that just want one. I hope all the best for their little one. No mom ever deserves to go through that.

jamie said...

I am going to attempt to watch it with tissues handy for the bawling I am sure will come. The ONLY reason I feel I can even attempt to watch it is her story is so much different from mine. I did not have an emergency C-section, my child was not alive when I delivered, he never spent time in the NICU. So for me- the cause of the pain is the same- but with very drastic differences.

I think if I was like you ladies that did have so many similarities - I could not imagine watching it. Too many painful connections.

*Laura said...

I am going to like Jamie "attempt" to watch it. Cara was almost 31 weeks and would have had the chance to live had I been diagnosed with this disease. I ask myself why and how all the time as well. I had chills reading about the twins :) Happy birthday!

Brie said...

I'm not a preE mom,but I am a mom who lost my little girl at 25 weeks, and have my DVR set to record. I too, got weepy listening to the fear of the unknown in their voices..and I will admit..I am beside myself with happiness seeing that Josie is not giving up the fight.

Carly K. said...

I'm a Pre-e mom and I don't think I could watch. I as many of the others can't stomach this family. I agree, for some of us just to get one baby that we get to take home is such a struggle. I do feel bad for the child.

Holly said...

Well, I missed it then! Had I known it would've been on I would've watched it. I like watching the Duggars and I'm not sure why so many people don't like them when it seems the only reason is b/c they have so many kids. It wasn't long ago when it was the norm to have big families.