Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Piper's 5K! Count us in!

So remember here, just a few days ago when I posted this?

Ok well fast forward to today. I was on my way home from work when I heard on the radio that there was going to be a 5K held in memory of a special little girl named Piper and all proceeds will go to the Healthpark NICU. This is the NICU where Nolan was born and lived for 3 days. Just reading her story this morning put me in tears. I can not even imagine making it through the NICU roller coaster and then have this happen. I am deeply saddened for Piper's parents and family and want to be part of this run.

Piper was a beautiful little girl who was born 2 months early and was in the NICU. On December 25, 2009 at the age of 3 years old, Piper passed away unexpectedly. Her parents have set this 5K up in her memory and to raise money for her foundation at the NICU.

How can I turn this run down? Are Chris and I ready for a 5K? Heck no? We started training 3 weeks ago. BUT, I have to be at this run. I have to support another NICU baby. So what... we scheduled our 1st 5K 8 weeks too early, but I can't pass this up.

Granted we may run, walk, run, walk.. I know Nolan will be looking down on us and cheering us on. And I swear the second I get passed that finish line, I predict to be pretty emotional.

So encourage me guys.... We can do this! It's going to take a lot of emotional strength, but I think I have been through worse in the past 8 months, right?

To read about Piper, visit her 5K page here.

Grab some tissue's, your going to need them. They are raising money to buy one of the same incubators that Nolan was in, The Giraffe. They have already raised enough money for one, but let's get another. To donate visit Piper's 5K page to find out how.
Or click here.


Lana said...

Ashley, i have no doubt that Nolan is watching you guys cheering you on. A few weeks ago when i started the C25K i decided end my run in a different way to when i normally run home.. i ended up running past a house with a red car in the driveway.. they car had the number plate - "Tilly" - thats what i call matilda.. now i know that the owner must live at the house.. but i run past it more often than not when im on my way home! why? because just seeing her name there make me feel like the pain i am in is worth it!
keep up your training - ill be cheering you on from down here!

Lauren said...

Awe, I LOVE this! I wish I could make it down there for the run too! What a sweet way to remember little Piper. I think it's great that you and Chris are doing this --- And, you can DEFINITELY do it! Even if you do a little running, walking, running!

Get Fit in 8 Weeks said...

Ashley, thank you for the kind words and the post on your blog. I look forward to meeting you Saturday morning.

Ed Ryan

Bluebird said...

Hey honey :) I'm just getting caught up on my reading and there's just so much I could say. . . While it would take forever to type it all out in response to each one, just know that I relate to or understand or am touched my every one of your posts. I think of you often and always wish you so much peace.

Kate said...

this is my first time on your blog and I just finished watching your slideshow on nolan....that was simply beautiful...nolan was the exact same size as my Brenham 13.4 oz nad 10.5 inches long but we never got the chance to watch him move around so that was so special to be able to see Nolan do that...thanks for sharing!

Jen J. said...

GL Ashley!! I will definitely be donating!

Maggie said...

I'll be cheering for you!! What a great way to remember. :)