Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Thoughts


  • Real heart broken over a phone call I just received and not sure how I feel about it. Not sure what to think or how to react but hope that God gives me strength to see through it. Just feels like my grief started over again but in a different way.
  • Surprised I finished Week #1 of Couch25K and started week #2 today
  • Can't believe that The Bachelor gave Vienna a rose last night. Is he really that blind or is it a ploy to keep us all watching? Makes you wonder.
  • Work has been emotionally exhausting the past 2 nights, glad I have the next few nights off and so does Chris.
  • Wonder what Nolan is doing right now, is he still the same size in Heaven or is he growing?
  • Am I out of tears yet? Gosh I feel so 'emo' the past 48 hours.
  • Had a great time with Mom this weekend and glad they will be moving down next month. I miss them.
  • Guess I'll go work on the blog I was originally working on this morning, it's a little happier that the last and maybe it will distract me from my current thoughts.
  • Who's the guest judge on Idol tonight? Can't wait.
  • I miss my best friend, I really do
  • Still haven't watched The Duggars special, bad week to do so. Maybe I will just erase the darn thing for my mental sanity.
  • Good things are in the future, a fun weekend ahead, getting all the bad out at the beginning of the week is this weeks plan I think


I am Harriet said...

I'm always asking for strength...

Have a great Tuesday!

Brie said...

Hey missy..I watched the Duggar show and I was really amazed at how detached they all seemed. I mean, they explained everything so scientifically, and there was only one moment where JimBob seemed to show emotion. Weird..not what i expected and not sure it's worth watching if you haven't already.

NZ and I watched it and I got teary eyed because i remember the fear of the unknown going into L&D and that part was hard to watch, but really, they seemed to glaze over the emotions..

Miss Angie said...

I've heard a lot of people say they hate Vienna... I don't follow the show, just the bloggers that do! :P

Mama Badger said...

You squish my heart every time I come to your sight... I'm sure little Nolan is growing just like a little boy should.

"God give me the strength of Sampson, the wisdom of Solomon and the courage of Daniel."

Mama Badger said...

ps- the Duggars seemed "shut off". You could completely tell Michelle didn't really want the camera there. They were just holding it together. Makes me wonder how far they are from a John and Kate "come to Jesus" moment for the show.

Niki said...

I'm just thinking of you sweetie and sending you big huge hugs! I don't plan to watch the Duggar special as it will be way too difficult. Maybe in time you can watch it or maybe you'll just have to delete it. Sending you strength and love!

cmatsukes said...

I dont like Vienna either she is to much of a cling she has to let Jake breathe I think she is just inmature I dont like Alli either she is do bossy and controling I like Tenly I think she is the real thing the others are too pretenious I liked Corey too.